The Top 10 Indian Interior Designers

The Top 10 Indian Interior Designers ⇒ There are many brilliant minds around the world in the field of interior design, and India is no exception. This country is home to some of the best interior designers in the world who are able to combine modern and contemporary influences with their Indian roots and way of life. These Indian Interior Designers have created amazing projects and are sure to bring the design world more accomplishments.

Article originally published on February 6, 2020

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The TOP 10 Indian interior designers

Srila Chatterjee

The Top 10 Indian Interior Designers Srila Chatterjee
Image credit to Fabien Charuau

Now regarded as one of the best Indian interior designers, Srila grew up in Calcutta with an architect father and a mother who was a specialist in method teaching for children. In 2014, a furniture experiment at Highlight Films was initiated, which culminated in BARO, a design firm that believes in the process of creating products with a story and a meaning, otherwise, it’s not worth having, as she explains ‘I was personally tired of stores in Bombay that one went in to and came out, more often than not, feeling conned: unreasonable prices, uninspiring design, no real story to tell.’



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The TOP 10 Indian interior designers

N. 9 – SPASM Design Architects

The Top 10 Indian Interior Designers
Credits to SPASM Design Architects

Sanjeev Punjabi and Sangeeta Merchant make up SPASM, a design firm that claims to have a “flamenco kind of approach and Ping-Pong kind of pace”. This duo of Indian Interior Designers is based in both India and East Africa, whose large cultural diversity has helped them see the special details in every design project they take on, “We try to be very human in our approach and not too fussy in our details. We do try to bring a poetic touch to our expression but never at the cost of appropriateness.”


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The TOP 10 Indian interior designers

N. 8 sP+a (Sameep Padora and Associates)

The Top 10 Indian Interior Designers 12
Image courtesy of AD India

This firm is known for using interior design as a way of engaging with India’s multifaceted socio-cultural environments, relying on the surroundings of his project, both urban and natural, for reference and adding a modern twist to traditional techniques and design. Padora’s work has been featured in the Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture.


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The TOP 10 Indian interior designers

N. 7 – Sussanne Khan

The Top 10 Indian Interior Designers 11
Image courtesy of Yoo

Sussanne Khan is the founder of The Charcoal Project, India’s first design concept store which reinvented the concept of curated interior design in the country. She houses lines by Indian Interior Designers Andrew Martin, Abu Jain & Sandeep Khosla, Prateek Jain, and her own handcrafted furniture collection.

The TOP 10 Indian interior designers

N. 6 – Aamir and Hameeda Interior Designers

The Top 10 Indian Interior Designers
Credits to Aamir and Hameeda Interior Designers

Headed by the husband-wife Indian Interior Designers Aamir and Hammeda, this interior design firm delivers chic, luxurious interiors with occasional pops of colors and geometry. Their portfolio includes residential projects, corporate offices, retail stores, and hospitality spaces. Their style is mainly minimalistic, with urban chic influences that set this firm apart from the traditional Indian design, with some of their work published in Architectural Digest, Inside Outside, Houzz, and other international publications.

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The TOP 10 Indian interior designers

N. 5 – The KariGhars

The Top 10 Indian Interior Designers
Image source: Projects Monitor

This award-winning, Bangalore-based firm counts on a talented group of interior decorators and a team of expert craftsmen, this being able to offer a variety of services such as space planning, color selection, interior design consultation, well-designed furnishings, and thoughtful manipulation of light and space, guaranteeing utmost quality and functionality in the spaces they create.




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The TOP 10 Indian interior designers

N. 4 – DesignQube

The Top 10 Indian Interior Designers 10
Image courtesy of DesignQube

DesignQube is a process-driven team of Indian Interior Designers and architects based in Chennai, Bangalore & Coimbatore, India. With clients such as Nestlé and Logitech, this firm provides consultancy, management, and contracting services for interior design, architecture, and landscaping projects.



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The TOP 10 Indian interior designers

N. 3 – Manit Rastogi

The Top 10 Indian Interior Designers
Credits to Manit Rastogi

Manit Rastogi is the Founder Partner of Morphogenesis, an architecture company involved in urban design and architecture projects. He is the first Indian to win a World Architecture Festival Award, in 2009, and has since won over 75 national and international awards in his field. Morphogenesis works in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Afghanistan, and the UAE.


The TOP 10 Indian interior designers

N. 2 – Pinakin Design

The Top 10 Indian Interior Designers
Credits to Pinakin Design

Founded by Pinakin Patel, Pinakin Design LLP was created as India’s first lifestyle and furniture store, followed by the establishment of the interior design and architecture firm. Known for blending modern design elements, Indian heritage aesthetics, and bespoke service, this firm count on an extensive portfolio of leading residential and commercial projects in India and all over the world.


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The TOP 10 Indian interior designers

N. 1 – Shabnam Gupta

Top interior designs
Credits to Shabnam Gupta

The last of the top 10 Indian interior designers, amongst the list of award-winning designers, Shabnam Gupta provides interior design, styling, and decor for celebrity homes, popular restaurant chains, and even stand-out individual spaces. By combining traditional symbolism and visual elements, Shabnam Gupta combines an earthy palette with a few bursts of color with a contemporary feel that’s laced with a rustic edge.


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