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PullCast’s Love For Craftsmanship Shined at LDC 2019!


PullCast’s Love For Craftsmanship Shined at LDC 2019! – The day has arrived. The Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit has started and the Star of the Day was the Panel dedicated to the Present and Future of Craftsmanship that counted with the presence of the team of PullCast creators and leaders!


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The 2nd Edition of the LDC Summit kickstarted with exciting speeches from Amandio Pereira, the CEO of the Covet Group; Marco Martins, the Mayor of Gondomar; and Nicole Segundo, the representative of the Michelangelo Foundation for Portugal, but one of the highpoints of the 1st day was reserved to the final hours when João Barros, CEO and Designer of PullCast and Rui Pinto, Head Artisan of PullCast, took part in an incredible debate about the Presente and Future of Craftsmanship!


PullCast's Love For Craftsmanship Shined at LDC 2019!


The speakers of this panel also included Conceição Amaral, CEO of the Ricardo Espirito Santo Foundation; Joaquim Paulo, the Creative Designer of the Culture Project; and Vitor Querido, a Top Artisan from the Culture Project. The Panel started with a strong brand presentation of  PullCast. It’s CEO and Head Designer, João Barros, presented to an eager this Luxury Brand and told them the story of how the PullCast Brand was born: “PullCast was born of a relationship between the playful mind of a Designer and the passionate art of an Artisan”.


PullCast's Love For Craftsmanship Shined at LDC 2019!


Mr. Barros elated the work of Rui Pinto, the top Craftsmen of PullCast, and how his amazing creativity helped grow PullCast. And recall that today PullCast is the end result of a perfectly symbiotic relationship between João the Designer and Rui the Artisan! But the true end result of this partnership are the incredible pieces of PullCast and its amazing and unique decor mission!


get price product of the week Product of the Week – Tiffany Marble WhatsApp Image 2019 01 21 at 18 roman door pull Product of The Week – Roman Door Pull WhatsApp Image 2019 01 21 at 18 product of the week Product of the Week – Limb Door Lever WhatsApp Image 2019 01 21 at 18



The audience was told by Mr Barros himself that PullCast’s superlative creative process is based on Barros’s amazing and rampaging creativity that’s supported by the incredible talent and craftwork of Rui Pinto. This connection has produced some amazing pieces like the Tiffany Pull or the Octo Pull!


PullCast's Love For Craftsmanship Shined at LDC 2019!


After a strong presentation about the basis of the Ricardo Espirito Santo Foundation and of the Culture Project by the respective representatives of each brand in the Panel, João Barros and Rui Pinto explained, once again, to the audience the importance of the Craftsmanship and Design values to the creation of unique and amazing pieces.  But they both reinforced that is very important for the Future of Craftsmanship that the World values the Teaching and the Progress of Crafts Techniques. A relationship between Artisan and Designer is, after all, just as important as the bond between Artisan and Student.


PullCast's Love For Craftsmanship Shined at LDC 2019!


At the end of the panel, there was a discussion about the involvement of Technology in the Craftmanship World and all of the members of the Panel agreed that technology already plays an important role in the future of the Craft Industry. João Barros gave the example of PullCast, where Technology helps the Designers and Artisans to create better pieces but he reinforced that, within PullCast’s process, Technology only plays a supporting role and the main function of Top Technologies is to assist the Artisan in his work of elevating and perfecting the Existant Values and Craftsmanship Techniques!


Introducing The Talented Craftsmen Behind the Bold Pieces of PullCast


All in all, Technology can help, but at the core of any PullCast piece will be the Craftsmanship Core Values and a Handmaid Work Process! After all, João Barros said that it’s important for PullCast to represent and sell the idea of Craftsmanship because the Audience and CLients needs to learn about the true value of the hard manpower that’s embeded in any PullCast piece. We mustn’t forget that all of the pieces produced by this brand may be designed by Technology but are unique and handmade by some of the most talented hands in the world and that justifies his commercial value and their status of Works of Art!




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