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Mixing Materials – Handcrafted Art


Certainly, you already heard the Mixing Materials advice and obviously that are some things that actually don’t work together so, today PullCast is going to show some moodboards with amazing projects and our pieces that go well in every design. Combining metals like gold, brass or silver is a strategy that sometimes goes really well because it ads depth to the room and creats an interesting visual.


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Mixing Metals – Handcrafted Art

Who don’t love gold? And what about marble? These two can really make a random room look luxurious when set in context.

So now, we are going to show you the amazing pieces and projects that you can see in the moodboard above.

First of all, what do you think about the bathroom? A stunning and clear project from Luxxu and Maison Valentina that embraces in a super peaceful vibe but pretty luxurious at the same time, with Estremoz marble creating a genuine style and ensuring mystery and elegance to this bathroom.

Now talking about the living room, a project from Luxxu that brings together simplicity and luxury with an iconic chandelier made with two layers of gold plated brass and crystal glass and an extravagant center table made in brass and nero marquina marble.

Last but not least, what do you think of the stunning hardware presented on this moodboard?

Tiffany Marble – Drawer Handle

This is our amazing Tiffany Marble, a piece that is full of elegance and refinement made with polished brass and estremoz marble that will enpower all your designs.

Acorn – Drawer Handle

This irreverent and detailed piece portraits elegance and when set in context will turn your designs into masterpieces.

Now let’s get to the second moodboard.. this one will really blow you off, we promise!

Here we have a bunch of amazing products and what do you think about the bathtub? It is from Maison Valentina and was inspired in the typical karst formations produced by the dissolution of limestone rocks. This unique bathtub will stand stands out in any bathroom project.

We already talk about the sink but have you notice the cabinet handle under?

Meet our Skyline Cabinet Handle! Skylines are the city’s profile, an iconic symbol, and just like our furniture door and drawer handles, create a silhouette when set in context and will turn an average design into an amazing one.

Now we are going to show the other pieces of hardware that is present on the moodboard. 

Feu – Drawer Handle

Our Feu is inspired in a true beauty jewelry with it’s sophistication and beauty, allied with the inspiration on the authentic fire corals who shelter sea creatures. This unique piece is made of polished brass handle with swarovsky crystals or black crystal glass.

Tiffany Marble – Cabinet Handle

The stunning Tiffany Marble Cabinet Hardware will make every design still the show! The perfect piece when you want to mix classic and luxurious. A simplicity and richness at the time.

Octo – Drawer Handle

For the grand finale we have our octo, an amazing piece inspired in the real octo but with all these crystals will make any design stunning! This Drawer handle bring instant elegance to your furniture designs. See so much more unique pieces on our website.

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