How Hardware Can Complement Styles: Modern Luxury vs Mid-Century

How Hardware Can Complement Styles: Modern Luxury vs Mid-CenturySometimes choosing a whole decoration for our house and creating a style line is not an easy task! To create cohesion in the decor, details are the most important and hardware can be the perfect complement! Today we bring you two styles that make your home unique and hardware pieces to complement each style!




How hardware can complement styles?

Modern Luxury vs Mid-Century

The Art Nouveau époque, otherwise known as the Modern Style is a dynamic movement mostly seen in architecture and decorative arts. It was preceded by the Art Deco movement and later on by Modernism.

While many design trends come and go, the Mid-Century style is well-entrenched in today’s design vocabulary. This style is a style of interior design characterized by a contemporary, somewhat futuristic aesthetic and an emphasis on function.


Timeless Classic Meets The Casual With Mid-Century Details

 The Charmful House Of Carlo Donati

How Hardware Can Complement Styles: Modern Luxury vs Mid-Century
House Of Carlo Donati by Essential Home

This house in Saint Tropez is a comfortable environment, where the classic meets the casual without forgetting the luxurious mid-century details present in all areas of this wonderful home. An amazing partnership between  Essential Home & DelightFULL with Carlo Donati Studio.

Discover now how hardware can complement perfectly any style! The Charmful House by Carlo Donati is the perfect example of a mid-century decoration where the hardware makes all the difference!

How Hardware Can Complement Styles: Modern Luxury vs Mid-Century
Monocles Drawer Handle TW5007 | House Of Carlo Donati by Essential Home

The bedroom of this charmful house is beautifully adorned by the  Monocles drawer Handle of Twist Collection!

Twist was PullCast’s response to creating a collection that encompassed both characteristics from the mid-century and the contemporary design styles. Monocles is a stand-out jewelry hardware piece of this collection.

Monocles is a series of hardware whose circular design was actually inspired by one of Essential Home’s (PullCast’s sister brand) most iconic pieces, the Monocles sideboard, a retro furniture piece that appears to have been taken out of a bond movie, oozing charm and luxury like no other piece.



Covet HouseBoca do LoboBrabbuLuxxuEssential HomeDelightfullCaffe LatteCovet LightingRug SocietyMaison ValentinaCircuPullcast
How Hardware Can Complement Styles: Modern Luxury vs Mid-Century
Monocle Cabinet Knob | House Of Carlo Donati by Essential Home

Comprised of currently three diverging designs, especially in size, all of the Monocles present a textured character that adds a more dramatic accent and a bit of edginess to an otherwise minimalist silhouette. By virtue of such, Monocles easily becomes the design to mix and match sideboards, cupboards, nightstands, or even desks.





Modern Luxury

Charla Home By Luxxu

How Hardware Can Complement Styles: Modern Luxury vs Mid-Century
Charla House by Luxxu

LUXXU’s Charla Home represents the most timeless interior design the brand has ever conceived. A signature project, located in Los Angeles, with the presence of Charla’s items that are known for their boundless elegance and versatility.

Discover what hardware pieces complement this luxury modern design that is the Charla Home by Luxxu.

How Hardware Can Complement Styles: Modern Luxury vs Mid-Century
Atlas Drawer Handle CM3009 | Atlas Cabinet Handle CM3008 | Charla House by Luxxu

One of the complements of this luxury modern design was the Atlas hardware pieces! In this Kitchen, we can find the two versions of this family.

Atlas is a magnificent piece of Luxury Hardware that was designed to depict the distinct attractiveness of huge cities, a motif that runs throughout our Cosmopolitan Collection.




The striking style of the Atlas range of fittings makes it the perfect element for drawers and cabinets, drawing attention to the details of your project. It emphasizes the complexity and diversity of people and cultures in the world’s largest cities.


Bespoke Service PullCast jewelry Hardware


How Hardware Can Complement Styles: Modern Luxury vs Mid-Century
Skyline Door Pull CM3017 | Charla House by Luxxu

One of the most modern hardware pieces that PullCast has, present in the stunning dining room of this house. The Skyline door pull by PullCast is the appetizer for a truly cosmopolitan experience, creating the perfect modern touch in any door!

The Skyline drawer handles are an amazing example of timeless modern pieces that looks always good and exquisite in living room decor.

How is possible to choose a winner of styles?



Discover more exclusive pieces like this to adorn your house and complement this decor styles with unique and exclusive jewelry hardware on our website and the online store and recreate this and much ambiance where PullCast pieces shine!


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