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Top Interior Designers in Vancouver

Top Interior Designers in Vancouver ⇒ Vancouver, a popular setting for filming, is surrounded by mountains and also has a thriving panorama of art, theater, and music. The Vancouver Art Gallery is known for its works by artists from the region, while the Museum of Anthropology houses prominent First Nations collections. Today, PullCast Blog is going to show you the Best Interior Designers in Vancouver you should know about.



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1. AK Design

Top 15 Interior Designers in Vancouver 1

Last but not least we present you AK Design. Operating since 2008, Annaliesse Kelly Design & Consulting is a full-service interior design firm. The dynamic team offers top professional insight and seamless collaboration with architects, vendors, and trades, creating beautiful spaces with success and efficiency. Whether residential or commercial projects, quality, and detail are a must-have of this one of the best interior designers in Vancouver.

2. BLA Design Group

Top 15 Interior Designers in Vancouver 16

Specializing in the design and development of single-family homes and commercial projects, BLA Design Group brings a fresh, flexible perspective; taking a creative and methodical approach to each new project. The design based on simple lines draws attention as soon as we enter a house designed by this team. This design studio is committed to transforming any home into the dream home of its customers, with a lot of imagination and detail in the mix.

3. Clay Construction INC

Top 15 Interior Designers in Vancouver 3

Clay Construction INC has 17 years in the market and is led by Larry and Candice Clay. From the start, Clay Construction has adhered to the highest standards, never compromising on quality. Over the years, this approach has earned Larry Clay and his team a solid reputation for excellence.

4. Chrissy & CO

Top 15 Interior Designers in Vancouver 4

Chrissy & CO is another example of one of the best interior designers in Vancouver that you should know. Chrissy considers herself someone who is not afraid to distance herself to create a truly incredible design. Guided by a luxurious and classic modern style design, with experience in residential and commercial projects, this is a design studio where any design project can be made real through the knowledge and organization of the team’s work.


5. Form Collective

Top 15 Interior Designers in Vancouver 5

Founded in 2010 by Josephina and Lauren and where Taylor later joined, this trio is dedicated to Vancouver’s most inspiring projects. Whether it’s a residential or a commercial project, this team has already shown that it is possible to design a totally new space, meeting the client’s needs accompanied by an irreverent design that makes all the difference.

6. Jakobsen Associates

Top 15 Interior Designers in Vancouver 6

Winners of several distinguished awards, Jakobsen Associates is a design studio specializing in remodeling and customizing homes, interiors, and vacation homes. They work with any type of project, from a small house that looks for something more affordable to luxurious houses that require other services. Its strong point is the attention to detail and the enthusiasm that the team brings to each residential project. It also has the advantage of having a strong past in ‘green building technology’ and ‘sustainable design’.

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7. Jamie Banfield Design

Top 15 Interior Designers in Vancouver 7

Formally trained in interior design, with a complementary background in construction, and custom millwork, Jamie’s work can be seen through residential projects in private homes in Vancouver, Canada. Jamie and his team work hard to turn their clients’ dream homes into real homes, whether made from scratch or remodeling. With great attention to detail, there is no doubt that Jamie will succeed in the design world.

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8. My House

Top 15 Interior Designers in Vancouver 8

My House is without a doubt another great highlight in the 15 best interior designers in Vancouver you should know. Present in the interior design market for over 20 years, their work includes commercial as well as residential projects, from small remodeling to major customizations. With a team of more than thirty people specialized in different fields, from design to construction, My House is a good bet for those who seek the best professionalism combined with creativity.

9. My Upgrade

Top 15 Interior Designers in Vancouver 9

One of the largest companies of interior design and one of the best in Vancouver is My Upgrade. They manage to transform any space into their clients’ dream space by committing themselves to always work within the budget.

10. PlaidFox

Top 15 Interior Designers in Vancouver 10

Another design studio that undoubtedly deserves our mention in this 15 best interior designers in Vancouver you should know is PlaidFox. Established in 2014 and present in some of the best magazines in the world of interior design and composed of a young team, they show that they are good at what they do, achieving a good balance between the modern and the traditional.

11. Sarah Gallop Design Inc

Top 15 Interior Designers in Vancouver 11

Sarah Gallop Design Inc. is a member of IDI BC, the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the Delta Chamber of Commerce, and the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association. This is another great example of one of the best studio design in Vancouver. Since 2009 she has stood out in the projects she does, both commercial and residential, present not only in Canada but also in the USA and Asia.

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12. Shift Interiors

Top 15 Interior Designers in Vancouver 12

Winner of Best of Houzz for seven consecutive years, Shift Interiors is in Vancouver to stay and has already won over its customers with its simple line design, focused on noble materials. Since 2009, this team has been dedicated to different projects, including commercial and residential, from apartments to family houses. The team is committed to meeting the expectations and goals of its customers, always based on quality, authenticity, commitment, and leadership so that they can offer the space that their customers need.

13. Space Harmony

Top 15 Interior Designers in Vancouver 13

Space Harmony is the best example when it comes to the quality of your work in the projects you do. Whether at the residential or commercial level, detail is the main key of this design studio, which prides itself on distinguishing itself by its difference. All of their projects are different from the previous one since they believe that each client is unique as well as their taste.

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14. ZED Studio

Top 15 Interior Designers in Vancouver 14

Founded in 2012 by Zane Erickson, ZED Studio is dedicated to residential projects with special attention to detail. Notably, he has a special talent for combining Modern Prairie and West-Coast Contemporary style. His work is inspired by his travels and his passion for art in general. For all these reasons, he deserves to be on the 15 best interior designers in Vancouver list and you can check his work by clicking on the image below.

15. Zwada Home

Top 15 Interior Designers in Vancouver 15

Zwada Home Interiors & Design is a residential design studio, located in downtown Vancouver, founded in 2007 by Don Zwarych and Kyo Sada. Their work involves designing and furnishing their customers’ houses, local and international, complying with the demands of their customers, and always maintaining attention to detail. Its bold and contemporary design fills the space in a unique way, leaving no one indifferent.

16. Beyond Beige

best interior designers Meet Vancouver’s 15 Best Interior Designers 3265 West 27th Ave 07 V2 Web scaled


Beyond Beige is a multi-awar-winning agency that you can fin in Vancouver. Whether you’re building new, renovating or deciding on furniture and décor they are available for a consultation. They are highly passionate about interior design and take great pride in constantly learning about what the design industry has to offer.




17. Enviable Designs

best interior designers Meet Vancouver’s 15 Best Interior Designers 151216333 1577787065736633 164880407592460872 n


Enviable Designs Inc. is an award-winning interior design firm located in Vancouver and catering to clientele all over the West Coast. The studio’s interior projects range from one-room renovations to new build custom homes.


18. Sophie Burke Design

best interior designers Meet Vancouver’s 15 Best Interior Designers SBD Fluker 05981 scaled

Sophie Burke Design (SBD) is an award-winning Vancouver based design practice known for its creativity, subtle sophistication and warmth. They strive to design simple, timeless and beautiful spaces that are meaningful for the people who live in them.


19. Alex Dampsey Design

best interior designers Meet Vancouver’s 15 Best Interior Designers EP 4103 Strongman0169

Alex Dampsey Design Studio is an all-inclusive service, from initial meeting to completion. This includes concept development, concept project presentation, interior specifications (furniture/decor if required), full drawing package (permit packages if required), trade consultation and project management/client meetings.


20. B+H Vancouver

best interior designers Meet Vancouver’s 15 Best Interior Designers 95607770 259048335482775 5481531924010346610 n scaled

Sharing a deep respect for each other, the B+H team-focused approach puts ideas before egos. They encourage collaboration and know that when people are empowered, work hardly feels like work at all. The team’s experience with a variety of developments allows us to see every project as an opportunity to share information, innovate, and grow as individuals and as a team. From their in-studio traditions to charitable community initiatives, people come first in everything the studio does.



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