PullCast Honored by Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2020

PullCast Honored by Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2020 ⇒ PullCast is among 15 outstanding luxury brands that were honored by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Luxury Furniture & Homeware in Portugal.




Regarded as one of the world’s most well-perceived brands, the Luxury Lifestyle Awards stand for high-quality design and since its inception has become a pioneering force for excellence and innovation in the industry of design. Each year, the institution presents a comprehensive range of categories, from travel-related topics to gastronomy and of course interior design, and today, PullCast blog explores the best of Portugal concerning the luxury furniture and homeware category.


PullCast Honored by Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2020
Image source: Luxury Lifestyle Awards


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PullCast Honored by Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2020
Image source: Luxury Lifestyle Awards


As a whole, Portugal is a country full of history and art, not to mention its natural beauty, so it comes as no surprise it has become one of the most sought-after attractions for tourists. In regards to Portuguese design, it is all about valuing tradition, innovation, and passion for the arts. While most designs and productions are imbued with a traditional character, many designers and luxury brands come up with new ways of introducing unique contemporary twists to their creations.



All 15 luxury brands awarded are a great representation of this notion and are certainly upgrading Portuguese design. Besides PullCast, the other recipients of the award are Ana Roque Interiors, AROUNDtheTREE, Branca, Creativemary, Duquesa & Malvada, INPPUT, Insidherland, Jetclass Group, JustWood, Kare, Laskasas, Recer, Riluc, and Serip.






Jetclass Group


Ana Roque Interiors



PullCast is best known for crossing the worlds of jewelry and design in the form of decorative hardware for furnishings and doors. Seeking to explore a new aesthetic, PullCast’s products showcase strong architecture, art and natural influences with the utmost attention to detail. These are collectible and sculptural hardware that widespread a sense of rarity and legacy.



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