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4 Inspirational Design Hotels in Portugal You’ll Love

4 Inspirational Design Hotels in Portugal You’ll Love – PullCast Blog continues to explore the Secrets From Portugal and, today, it will feature an exclusive selection of 4 Design Hotels that match the elegance and the quality of the PullCast brand!

4 Inspirational Design Hotels in Portugal You'll Love

But what does the classification of “design hotel” really means? And what can you expect a design hotel to be like? For us, a design hotel is a hospitality venture that’s notable for it’s out of the box design, architecture and Interior decoration.

4 Inspirational Design Hotels in Portugal You'll Love
Credits Hotel Teatro

An example of this statement is the Hotel Teatro in Oporto! This hotel arose from the spot where the Baquet Theatre was inaugurated in 1859. A hundred and fifty-one years after the inauguration of this iconic spot of Oporto, Hotel Teatro managed to recuperate its unique, refined and bohemian environment and adapted it to the luxury requirements of the hospitality industry.

4 Inspirational Design Hotels in Portugal You'll Love
Credits Palácio de Santa Catarina

Further South, in Lisbon, we find the Verride Palácio de Santa Catarina. Glamorous, unique and historic are the best words to describe this astonishing place. This renovated townhouse is located in the heart of Lisbon and highlights nineteen royally modern suites and rooms that are extremely comfortable and chic. In addition, the hotel also features a top floor terrace which is bound to give guests breathtaking views of the old town, the Tagus River and the Atlantic Ocean. In 2018, Verride Palácio was distinguished with the prestigious “Condé Nast Traveller’s 2018 Hot List Award”. Through an attentive and personalized service, the hotel offers the best of what Portugal has to offer, from classic ingredients and recipes to wooden textures, porcelain designs and, of course, affable and loving people.

4 Inspirational Design Hotels in Portugal You'll Love
Credits Troia Design Hotel

Also located near Lisbon, the Troia Design Hotel is included in the Troia Peninsula, a stunning natural reserve that’s home to some stunning beaches and a variety of wildlife. This contemporary five-star resort offers to its guests some sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean, the Sado River and the extraordinary Arrábida Mountains. Its interiors are characterized by a sophisticated and cozy ambiance that was carefully designed to the very last detail. The unique design hotel is also comprised of a B&G Restaurant that provides traditional Portuguese cuisine, a casino, a Blue & Green Spa defined by a minimalist yet luxurious touch, a show center as well as a conference one. The hotel’s minimalist modern guest rooms are quite spacious and feature innovative designs, providing maximum comfort.

4 Inspirational Design Hotels in Portugal You'll Love
Credits The Vine Hotel

In the Madeira Island, we find the Vine Hotel that allows its guests to enjoy an unforgettable experience, inspired by the wine tradition of the Madeira Island. This tradition is, in fact, the main theme of the hotel. With a bold and modern design, the four floors of the Hotel reflect the state of the vineyard in a certain season, providing an incredible visual experience. This Five-Star hotel also provides memorable dinners, a luxury spa and an outdoor pool with unforgettable views.


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