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Most Luxurious Skyscrapers in Los Angeles

Most Luxurious Skyscrapers in Los Angeles – Los Angeles is well known for its iconic skyline and striking buildings.  Today, with PullCast Blog you can rise to the top of the tallest and most luxurious skyscrapers in LA!
Most Luxurious Skyscrapers in Los Angeles

Most Luxurious Skyscrapers in Los Angeles


Wilshire Grand Center

Most Luxurious Skyscrapers in Los Angeles

The Wilshire Grand Center is a well-known “skyrise” in the heart of buzzing downtown, Los Angeles. The Grand Center is not a regular office building, it is the top location in Los Angeles, with the most innovative architecture and technology. The modern building reflects the clouds and brilliant sky of sunny LA, and features like the hotel’s Skydeck on the 73rd floor give a fashionable break from standard office space, with spectacular 360-degree views of the mountains and sea that are sure to impress visitors and guests.


U.S. Bank Tower

Most Luxurious Skyscrapers in Los Angeles

The US Bank Tower, at 1,018 feet (310 meters), is a prominent skyscraper in Los Angeles. The 73-story building is a Class A, located in the famous Bunker Hill district. The US Bank Tower, built by renowned architect Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, is the third-highest skyscraper west of the Mississippi River. The iconic building is made up of an interlocking collection of granite planes and curves that descend in a series of terraces and ledges to glass columns at the base. The glass crown on top of the tower brightens the Los Angeles skyline at night.


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777 Tower

Most Luxurious Skyscrapers in Los Angeles

The 777 Tower, designed by Cesar Pelli, is a world-renowned Class A office skyscraper. It has high-end institutional finishing, a distinguished tenant roster, and is advantageously located nearby the FIGat7th Retail Center. The one-million-square-foot office tower has a park-like open area and lounge space, as well as a glass foyer featuring 30-foot ceilings and green and rose marble.



Most Luxurious Skyscrapers in Los Angeles2Cal is a 52-story, class A office skyscraper in Los Angeles’ Bunker Hill neighborhood. It’s a self-contained ecosystem that includes an open-air commercial plaza that acts as a natural extension of each tenant’s office. With magnificent views of the city, light-filled floor plates, and accessibility up to 160,000 SF, it responds to a tenant’s desire to recruit and retain top talent by offering a compelling environment for creativity, innovation, and production. Both local and offsite cultural, entertainment, and culinary options are available, as well as unique restaurants and cafés, shops, and wellness services. 2Cal delivers a workplace with an atmosphere of downtown Los Angeles.

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Bank of America Plaza

Most Luxurious Skyscrapers in Los Angeles

The Bank of America Plaza is a 55-story Class A office building located atop Bunker Hill in downtown Los Angeles’ main commercial center. With stunning bronze stained-finish entrance doors, the building’s timeless beauty and design are immediately apparent. The vivid flame polished granite walls contrast sharply with the oak ceilings, creating a big and stylized atmosphere. The landscaping culminates in a circle of trees in the plaza’s center with three 24-foot waterfalls.


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