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Designer Spotlight: Discover Kelly Wearstler’s Multi-Layered World

Designer Spotlight: Discover Kelly Wearstler’s Multi-Layered World ⇒ The American designer not only has an impressive repertoire of interior design projects but has also created her own expansive collections of lifestyle designs.




Kelly Wearstler is a world-renowned interior designer best known for her distinctive aesthetic. She has made quite an impact in the interior design, architecture, and luxury lifestyle industries with her provocative concepts and expressive storytelling. She is also known for working with famous celebrities, such as Cameron Diaz, Ben Stiller, Elton John, and Gwen Stefani, just to name a few. In today’s article, PullCast Blog reflects the designer’s multi-layered design approach, so be prepared to be completely inspired by her work.


The Kelly Wearstler Brand


Designer Spotlight Discover Kelly Wearstler's Multi-Layered World_6
Image credit to Graham Walzer


Over the course of the last few decades, Kelly Wearstler has managed to create a global lifestyle brand. Wearstler’s deep passion to convey an exceptional story through curated products and projects is one of the main reasons why she is one of the world’s most renowned creatives.


Designer Spotlight Discover Kelly Wearstler's Multi-Layered World_7
Image source: Kelly Wearstler


The Kelly Wearstler Brand was founded in 1995, and today is seen as a contemporary design reference, especially in sectors such as residential, hospitality, commercial and retail.


Designer Spotlight Discover Kelly Wearstler's Multi-Layered World_8
Image source: Kelly Wearstler


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Signature Style


Designer Spotlight Discover Kelly Wearstler's Multi-Layered World_5
Image source: Casper&Casper


Kelly Wearstler’s work is heavily influenced by Modernism and Old Hollywood Glamour, while also having its a characteristic contemporary flair. Her style is best described as multi-layered and experiential.


Designer Spotlight Discover Kelly Wearstler's Multi-Layered World_10
Image source: Sight Unseen


Viewing design as a form to be provocative, Wearstler can effortlessly take the world into a sensory design experience through the use of exquisite colors, materials, lines, and forms. In a few words, her signature style could be defined as disciplined and expressive as well as architectural yet graphic.


Image source: ArchiExpo


Top Interior Design Projects


Designer Spotlight Discover Kelly Wearstler's Multi-Layered World_3
Bel Air residence revamped by Kelly Wearstler. Image credit to Roger Davies


In every project she develops, Wearstler pays great attention to detail and often experiments with color. She also combines furnishings and objects from different styles and eras, prompting to extraordinarily versatile creations as you are about to see in the interior design projects depicted below.


⇒ San Francisco Proper Hotel


Designer Spotlight Discover Kelly Wearstler's Multi-Layered World_9
Image source: San Francisco Proper Hotel


For this hotel, Wearstler opted to use clashing patterns, colors, and textures while also selecting eclectic furnishings from several different design styles, from modernism to the Victorian era. As a whole, the decoration benefits from a beautiful contrast between geometric shapes and organic floral shapes.


Four Seasons Anguilla


Designer Spotlight Discover Kelly Wearstler's Multi-Layered World_4
Image source: Kelly Wearstler


The Refined aesthetics of Wearstler can be seen throughout Four Seasons Anguilla. Organic elements, such as alabaster, heirloom woods, and marble walls were combined with rich textiles from all over the world, resulting in a sensual interpretation of the hotel’s location.


⇒ BG Restaurant at Bergdorf Goodman


Designer Spotlight Discover Kelly Wearstler's Multi-Layered World_2
Image source: Kelly Wearstler


The inspiration behind the interiors of the BG Restaurant was the sophisticated salons of the past with an homage to Beaux-Arts buildings. This was the very first project that Kelly Wearstler completed in New York City. Furthermore, the designer used a modern mix of elements from the ’30s to the ’70s and her palette of choice consist of tones such as ebony, ivory, robin’s egg blue, chartreuse, mustard yellow, and bronze.


⇒ Tides Miami boutique hotel


Designer Spotlight Discover Kelly Wearstler's Multi-Layered World_11
Image source: Casa Library


The Tides’ new look was inspired by its Art Deco roots and streamlined architecture but infused with a fresh perspective. The outstanding interiors of this boutique hotel highlight a monochromatic palette of muted, sandy hues and nature-inspired motifs, in order to unify the indoor areas with the outdoors.


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Featured image retrieved from Doré, credit to Lou Mora


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