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These Luxury Trains Are The Most Expensive In The World

These Luxury Trains Are The Most Expensive In The World ⇒  In current days, time is a luxury, and for many, travelling in itself has to be worthwhile and meaningful. It was with those people in mind that many Luxury Trains and routes were created to make sure high-profile passengers would reach their destinations quickly and in style while enjoying a luxurious ride.




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Marahajas’ Express: Dehli to Mumbai

These Luxury Trains Are The Most Expensive In The World


Commonly known as the ‘Orient Express of the Orient’, this Indian train takes us back to the golden era of the Raj when Maharajas travelled in luxurious and opulent carriages. The colonial decor allows guests to experience the spirit of this time during the week-long journey through Mumbai, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi. Every car on the Maharajas’ Express has a private butler and at every stop,  guests are welcomed with flower garlands. The trip costs from $3,850 per person.

Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express: Moscow to Vladivostok

These Luxury Trains Are The Most Expensive In The World

Over a century old, the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express offers a 15-day journey from Moscow to Vladivostok on the eastern coast of Russia, spanning eight different time zones along its itinerary. This luxury train features en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning, laundry services, Russian language lessons and even an English-speaking doctor. The service even provides passengers with five-star accommodations at the final stop of the train, all for the starting price of $13,395 per person.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express: London to Venice

These Luxury Trains Are The Most Expensive In The World

This train is mostly famous for being the setting of Agatha Christie’s mystery novel, “Murder on the Orient Express”, and its luxurious appeal would make any passenger feel like a character of said book. The train runs through London, Paris, Innsbruck, Verona and Venice, all while capturing Europe’s breathtaking scenery and history. While most guests board the train in London for a night to get to Venice, the passengers travelling from Italy will experience a delightful brunch of freshly caught lobsters that are delivered to the head chef of the train on the Paris platform and served just before the train reaches Calais. Enjoy this beautiful train ride from $3,342 per ticket.


Cruise Train Seven Stars: Kyushu

These Luxury Trains Are The Most Expensive In The World


Featuring seven carriages with a maximum capacity of just 28 passengers in 14 suites, the Cruise Train Seven Stars is Japan’s most luxurious train and the country’s first luxury sleeper. It runs for two or four-day tours around the island of Kyushu and its interiors feature the best of Japanese craftsmanship and historical decoration, such as shoji paper screens as window coverings and walnut flooring. As for the ticket price, this train is a bit more tricky: because of the small capacity of the train, prospective riders must enter a lottery to even get a chance to buy the ticket.


The Ghan: Adelaide to Darwin

These Luxury Trains Are The Most Expensive In The World

One of Australia’s best Luxury Trains, The Ghan is a three-night tour along the Australian Outback that has been running since 1924. The train offers a Platinum Service which grants users a larger cabin and ensuite, chauffeured transfers, breakfast in bed and five-course meals in an exclusive dining carriage with an exotic menu of grilled kangaroo fillet and saltwater barramundi, amongst other delicacies. The prices go from $2,637 per ticket.

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