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The 5 Best New Years Eve Destinations

The 5 Best New Years Eve Destinations ⇒  New Year’s is a magical time for most people, as it marks the end of a year and the beginning of another. While some people like to spend it with their family and watch the countdown on television, others like to start off the year as one should: by travelling. If you’re one of those people, then keep reading to find out the best New Years Eve Destinations, where the fireworks are brighter and the parties livelier this time of the year.



New York

The 5 Best New Year's Eve Destinations


It may not be the most original suggestion, but New York is the background of some many Christmas and New Years-themed movies for a reason. Head to Times Square to watch the famous ball drop when the clock strikes midnight and listen to the many concerts around the city during the night, or go to a rooftop party to get the best views of the firework show.


Rio de Janeiro

The 5 Best New Year's Eve Destinations


If you’re looking to begin the new year in a sandy beach with warm weather, look no further than Rio de Janeiro, where about 2 million people religiously gather at Copacabana Beach to watch concerts and see the amazing fireworks. For an even better view, head to the Vista Chinesa.


The 5 Best New Year's Eve Destinations


Want to be one of the first to celebrate the new year? Then Sydney is the place for you. As the first major city to reach midnight, Sydney doesn’t restrain the celebrations, letting out a stunning fireworks display at the Harbour, with the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge as background. Since the city is located on the southern hemisphere, enjoy the warmer temperatures and head to Manly, Bondi or Bronte beach for a midnight beach party.



The 5 Best New Year's Eve Destinations


Known as a party city, Bangkok’s nightlife is even livelier on New Year’s Eve, making it the best place for those who love crowded, loud parties. The Central World Plaza is the main gathering spot for the celebrations, as well as the Asiatique area. Afterwards, go to Khaosan Road and bar-hop through the many options, or go into one of the city’s clubs to start off the year just right.



The 5 Best New Year's Eve Destinations


Dubai is a great travelling choice any time of the year, but New Year’s Eve on this cosmopolitan metropolis is something else. Watch the fireworks directly from inside the Burj Khalifa, the city’s tallest building, on the 122nd floor, where the parties will be at full swing. A curiosity: Dubai passed the record for the largest fireworks display ever on New Year’s Eve of 2013 before the Philippines surpassed it in 2016, and Dubai might just want to take the title back someday.




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New Years Eve DestinationsNew Years Eve Destinations

New Years Eve DestinationsNew Years Eve Destinations

New Years Eve Destinations



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