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Marvelous Golden Jewelry Hardware Enhance the season of renewal with nature-inspired details! Stay with us and discover the most marvelous pieces for spring and summer. Enjoy our article and select your favorite pieces to prepare your decor for the new season!



March Into Spring With PullCast


Marvelous Golden Jewelry Hardware

Prepare Your House For The New Season


Shin Door Pull

Shin door pull

Shaped with delicately like its fragrant aroma and warm sweet flavor, Shin is a luxurious, strong, and beautifully ornamented door pull that will enrich your door designs.




Sonoran Cabinet Handle

Sonoran cabinet handle

Nothing completes a home decor or interior design project better than a piece of jewelry hardware. The combination of the grey and the gold from our Sonoran cabinet handle represents a more classic look present in every detail but just as stunning as ever!




Jalo Door Pull

Jallo Door Pull

Jalo door pull was inspired by the Green bean plants, and the pole varieties, that grow long vines. The amazing forms and colors that Jalo creates can be green, but you’ll also find purple, red, yellow, and streaked varieties. Coming in perfect sizes, shapes, textures, and earthy tones, Jalo Door Pull enhances elegantly in any main entrance and is part of the Earth Collection.





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Natica Cabinet Knob

Stunning Cabinet and Door Knobs

Shells, whether brightly striped or bland and pale, shine in its own way and are the external skeleton of the creature that lives within.‎ Natica door knob is a jewelry piece inspired by the unbelievable variation of sea life, one of nature’s gems.‎ A series of luxurious cabinet hardware, providing the possibility of mix and match on your cupboards, side tables, cabinets designs.‎




Keysa Door Handle

Kesya Drawer Handle

Portraying a coming back to the roots and evoking prosperity. Our inspiration was drawn from the very uneven texture of the bark pine tree, known by its endless evergreen. A distinguished door handle made to enrich your modern designs.





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Karpa Cabinet Handle

Karpa Cabinet Handle

Just like the Scale of the Carps, the Karpa Handles are bright and shiny, becoming an eye-catching complement to any cabinet design. In awe of the Carp symbolism, PullCast created this piece as an idea of persistence, courage, and strength, essentially, an accessory with meaning in interior design.





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