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Bogdan Petru and the influence of future generations

Bogdan Petru and the influence of future generations–  Born in the northeastern part of Romania in the city of Suceava, Bogdan Petru began his woodworking story in 2010.  He takes his inspiration from architecture, art pieces and even from special effects in movies and video games. In today’s article find more about this PullCast reseller from Romania.



Great design and art pieces

Bogdan Petru, the influence of future generations

Bogdan Petru loved design and all the products made from natural materials but he didn’t know how to manufacture anything at that point. This was in fact a great advantage as his influence was rooted in all the great design and art pieces from all over the world that could be seen on the internet. He began by refinishing vintage pieces of furniture and by constructing wood and metal fencing and staircases. This was the period when he started experimenting with wood bending and different materials and finishing methods.


Furniture design trends

After 3 and a half years of growing a small 5 team workshop, he moved to London. There he started again from scratch and established a new business making bespoke furniture and refurbishing commercial and residential interiors. The contact with traditional English woodworking and London interior design and furniture design trends made him search for new shapes and new ways of building and finishing furniture. He always tried to be ahead of trends in his search of the perfect combination between shape and function.


 Influencers Designers

His biggest influences are designers and makers as Marc Fish, Joseph Walsh and Yuriy Ryntovt. He takes his inspiration from architecture, art pieces and even from special effects in movies and video games.


Atmosphere in the space

His creative process always starts from function and the environment in which the final product will live in and the object ends up becoming the principal generator of feeling and atmosphere in the space.




“I believe that each product is having a life of it’s own and will change it’s shape and texture as time flows over it. These objects should live after we are no longer on this earth and is our duty to leave a legacy and influence future generations of creators.”



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PullCast and Bogdan share the same values and unique vision of craftsmanship beauty found in details. This makes them a perfect representative of our jewelry hardware brand in Romania.



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