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Los Angeles- Top 3 Doorknobs Must-Haves

Los Angeles- Top 3 Doorknobs Must-Haves ⇒ Los Angeles, choosing the right interior door hardware is critical, yet often ignored, step in making a house seem distinctive and one-of-a-kind. The design, type, and finish of your interior door hardware should match the rest of your decor and represent your unique sense. So, if you want to have distinctive and exquisite hardware, choose doorknobs, and we have the ideal ones for you!

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TOP 3 Doorknobs That You Must Have

Comb Door Knob

Los Angeles- Top 3 Doorknobs Must-Haves

Our idea came from one of nature’s most beautiful sights, the Honeycombs Phenomenon. We were so impressed by the angular precision that bees can achieve that we drew a circular shape, a flawless form that is fully in accordance with nature. A door handle that is ideal for your interior ideas. This doorknob features an irregularly round form that is in great harmony with nature thanks to significant crafting processes such as carving and polishing. Its brass silhouette looks well against neutral or darker door styles.

Get the look:

Los Angeles- Top 3 Doorknobs Must-Haves

TOP 2 doorknobs 

Karat Door Knob

Los Angeles- Top 3 Doorknobs Must-Haves

The world of diamonds was a major reason for our decision to choose a Karat doorknob. In its current form, it is opulent and evokes the same condition of purity and uniqueness as a cut diamond. With the range of Karat door and furniture accessories, you may express yourself in a unique way via numerous aesthetic designs and create a sculptural scheme, inspired by the elegance of a precious metal. A fantastic chance to combine your designs with the different Door and Cabinet Hardware of the Karat collection.

Get the look:Los Angeles- Top 3 Doorknobs Must-Haves

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We are not done!

There is the last doorknobs to chose from…

TOP 1 doorknob

Meteor Door Knob

Los Angeles- Top 3 Doorknobs Must-Haves

The Meteor doorknob is one of the collection’s most intriguing ornamental hardware components. Inspired by the explosive phenomenon, the Meteor knob has organic and sculptural elements. This one-of-a-kind sculpture is crafted of brass and comes in polished, aged, and brushed brass finishes, as well as nickel.
Meteors are magnificent and have a tremendous glow and form, inspired by the energetic sparks that burn out in a spectacular blaze. Meteor is a stunning doorknob and a one-of-a-kind décor addition to compliment your door designs.

Get the look:

Los Angeles- Top 3 Doorknobs Must-Haves


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