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Bringing Happiness With MARE Design Center

Mare Design Center is our Reseller and a Costa Rican company whose mission is to make people happy through good design and long lasting architectural solutions.

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Let’s Get To Know MARE Design Center

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They strive to build close relationships with their stakeholders and become a regional reference point while remaining true to their values of honesty and sustainable development.

Bringing Happiness With MARE Design Center

Mara Del Mar Echeverra Segnini is a Costa Rican native. She pursued her passion for design and architecture by establishing MARE Design Center in 2011 with the mission of bringing the best of Italian design and quality into Costa Rica.

Bringing Happiness With MARE Design Center

She is confident that the best is yet to come if she works hard and stays true to her values. She receives additional assistance in trusting her intuition.

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Even More Projects By MARE Design Center

Bringing Happiness With MARE Design Center

Cesar Acua is an interior designer and architect. Cesar is always willing to go above and beyond to satisfy even the most demanding clients. He ensures that every space MARE Design Center designs resonates with the client’s lifestyle and needs. He is detail-oriented and has a natural creative ability.

Bringing Happiness With MARE Design Center

He understands the significance of maintaining aesthetics while taking into account the technical aspects of each material in order to provide long-lasting architectural solutions.

Bringing Happiness With MARE Design Center

Christian is an architect with a background in construction and furniture design. His attention to detail and ability to resolve conflicts make him the ideal person to oversee site inspections. He understands that installations must be completed to the highest standards while adhering to the deadlines. He enjoys design and surfing and spends the majority of his free time doing so.

Bringing Happiness With MARE Design Center

Salvador Solorzano is devoted and helpful. MARE Design Center’s Head of Installation is Salvador. He never ceased to astound me with his wit and eagerness to learn new things. During his time at MARE, he received specialized training in the installation of their product portfolio. He has a construction background, which gives him the proper perspective to solve the challenges that the industry entails. His humility and willingness to perform acts of service for those around him distinguish him as a true team player.

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