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Interarc Qatar The Solution For Your Interior Needs

Interarc Qatar The Solution For Your Interior Needs – Interarc is the solution provider for all your interior finishes.They have been working in the interior finishes field since 2005 and in a short period of time they become a leading contractor in providing all the interior solutions. They are our Reseller in Doha, Qatar and today, you can discover everything.


Find solutions with Interarc Qatar

Interarc Qatar The Solution For Your Interior Needs

At Interarc they believe in true commitment and giving timely, adequate and practical results. Interarc’s commitment has been to offer a high quality standard service to our valued Clients. In order to meet the needs of their client they establish a well qualified team of experts who can find solution to all the queries of our valued clients. As a result of continuous improvement of Interarc’s Project Team and Management their efforts have been noticed and Interarc have been awarded with many prestigious projects in Qatar.


Gypsum Ceilings

Interarc Qatar The Solution For Your Interior Needs

Gypsum suspended ceiling systems offer a high level in design flexibility allowing bulkheads, gradients and changes in height. Installation gives improvement to both acoustic and fire rating performances.

Metal Ceilings

Interarc Qatar The Solution For Your Interior Needs

Metal ceiling systems are designed for a variety of commercial, institutional and retail projects in both interior and exterior applications. The system has a wide range of options are available in the form of linear metal beams, open cell systems, dimensional baffles, durable metal panels, Lay In, Clip In, wood veneers, in decoratively stamped metal panels and much more.

Acoustic Ceilings

Interarc Qatar The Solution For Your Interior Needs

Over the years many studies have been conducted on good room acoustics and what is required to decrease the impact of sounds reflecting off floors and walls. In order to select the correct acoustic material, you need to know about how they reflect and diffuse sound waves. The acoustics systems we offer consist of a unique combination of highly effective sound absorption with flexibility in design. They aim to reduce and control the reverberation time. When controlling the reverberation time of sound waves, the results will create a pleasant acoustic room climate.

Suspended Ceilings

Interarc Qatar The Solution For Your Interior Needs

Suspended ceilings are used in commercial and residential buildings as a type of architectural design element. Basic for all suspended ceilings is the grid in which they are installed. The grid is suspended from the roof deck and the tiles are then filled into the grid. A grid consist of long metal strips, called “mains,” which are interconnected with shorter metal pieces known as “tees”. Suspended ceilings provide easy access for maintenance to any MEP installation above the ceiling.


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