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Fully Explore the Timeless Essence of these Interior Design Trends

Fully Explore the Timeless Essence of these Interior Design Trends ⇒ Interior design trends are constantly evolving according to seasons and what is the hit thing in the industry, however, these trends will forever be in style due to their timeless allure!




Some interior design trends are truly timeless. They are often used by interior designers and homeowners alike because they keep it fresh and exude an unrivaled sense of classiness. In today’s article, PullCast Blog talks about five of the most popular interior design trends by offering a series of inspirations not only regarding hardware but also home decor features in general.


Feminine Tones


Fully Explore the Timeless Essence of these Interior Design Trends_5


When speaking about feminine designs one often associates it with pink, taupe or bronze tones, but you can certainly go beyond that. Adding greenery elements, gold accents, decorative hardware, and other elements, as well as shapely furnishings, are great ways to add a sense of femininity to a room, as you can see by this office design.


Floral-Inspired Designs



Floral elements tend to work better in wallpapers or fabrics, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t explore your options. We suggest that you try to expand it to furnishings or lighting designs whose concept was inspired by the beauty of nature. For instance, in this set, you can find the Strelitzia door pull, its design was inspired by a species of a flowering plant indigenous to South Africa.


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Geometric Designs


Fully Explore the Timeless Essence of these Interior Design Trends


Geometry and design go hand in hand. Designers and decorators always opt for geometric designs because they can easily be adapted to a room, no matter what the style is. In regards to lighting, the most common aspect is that geometric products benefit from clean lines and sleek materials and sometimes can have a more minimal aesthetic.




Fully Explore the Timeless Essence of these Interior Design Trends_2


Neutral colors, otherwise known as earthy tones, such as grey, beige, light brown, white and even sometimes black are regarded as classic and serene tones.


Mixed Metals


Fully Explore the Timeless Essence of these Interior Design Trends_4


When it comes to mixed metals, it is important that a particular material takes the dominant role, while the remaining ones further enhance the aesthetic. Mixed metals is one of the most popular interior design trends in recent years. Silver, gold and brown metals are the best to combine, all of which grant a classic touch to any type of interior.


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