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White and Gold Fantasy World – Kid’s Collection By PullCast

White and Gold Fantasy World – Kid’s Collection By PullCast ⇒ In today’s article, we will present you to the magical land of PullCast Kids and a small glimpse of the pieces that this new amazing collection has to offer! Stay with us and discover the new magical world of PullCast.


White and Gold Fantasy World



It’s Almost Xmas


PullCast Imagines a Whole New Universe of Decorative Hardware


White and Gold Fantasy World
White and Gold Fantasy World

For this brand collection, PullCast slightly shifted from its conventional disposition by introducing an exclusive design world destined for kids. The idea behind this myriad of designs was founded by the need for originality and playfulness in the home. While decorative hardware might not be the particular focus when decorating a child’s bedroom, homework space, or playroom, this collection seeks to break that stigma and establish a whole new universe of details, inspired by the many wonders that construct children’s memories and dreams.



They say that Christmas is for everyone but We all know it’s especially for children. It’s time for magic and there isn’t better Brand for reflect that.



Welcome to a Magical Design World


White and Gold Fantasy World
White and Gold Fantasy World

Designed to bring a bit of magic into interior design, the Kids collection is well-appointed with a comprehensive range of whimsical drawer handles.  This Christmas, we have a special surprise. Our handles from the children’s collection gain a new magic,  we have now the option of produce them with luminiscense and customize the color of them.



PullCast shines and makes its own magic!



Bring a bit of magic into Your Child Space


White and Gold Fantasy World
White and Gold Fantasy World

Within this assembly of hardware designs, one can find represented figures of animals such as a dog or a butterfly, a couple of sweets like a donut with extremely intricate details, as well as, sport and adventure-like references, including a rocket that lights up in the dark, a basketball, an automobile in gold accents, among a few other enticing surprises that are bound to make a kid’s room feel more cheery and personal. 


The Design Process


White and Gold Fantasy World
White and Gold Fantasy World

These high-spirited decorative hardware pieces were brought to form using the traditional enameling technique, Champlevé, which in decorative arts, is all about the process in which the artisan digs cells in the metal and fills those cells with enamel that is in a ground, powdered form. Then, the enamel has to be melted in either a furnace or by a hand-held torch. After this, the piece is then fired and polished. This was then combined with a creative idea, resulting in the unique aesthetic seen within this collection.


A Plethora of New Playful Hardware Designs


White and Gold Fantasy World
White and Gold Fantasy World

Furthermore, this new collection comes with a series of customization options, many of which are in lacquered or enameled brass with the possibility of personalized colors. However, a couple of drawer handles are also presented in only brass and complemented in a wide variety of metallic finishes masterfully known to the brand’s creatives, from gold to nickel-plated, among others.  


This year PullCast went further and transformed pieces from Kids Collection into Christmas tree decorations. On top of that special luminescente technique was used to make these magical accessories shine even in the darkness!


Make your Christmas special and unique and be sure your kids will love it.



 Click Here :   and find our decorative hardware pieces that are a part of this collection and are bound to adorn a child’s little kingdom!




Discover the exclusive and luxury world of PullCast and dive into our amazing and elegant list of decorative and architectural hardware products. Did you like the White and Gold Fantasy World – Kid’s Collection By PullCast They will help you elevate and transform your home decor or your interior design project into a unique experience! For more inspiration regarding decorative hardware, follow us on FacebookPinterestTwitterInstagramLinkedin, and Youtube!


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