Best Underwater Hotels: Revel In the Ultimate Hospitality Experience

Best Underwater Hotels: Revel In the Ultimate Hospitality Experience ⇒ Underwater hotels are certainly an unconventional concept but with the outstanding developments of the hospitality industry, the following luxury hotels assuredly offer the ultimate hospitality experience.




Over the last few years, there has been a couple of underwater hospitality venues that have become quite popular mainly due to the rather complex experience that they offer. In today’s article, PullCast Blog has compiled a selection featuring some of the world’s best underwater hotel that travel enthusiasts should absolutely consider visiting in the foreseeable future, from the Maldives to Singapore.


The Muraka at Conrad’s Rangali Island ⇒ The Maldives


Best Underwater Hotels Revel In the Ultimate Hospitality Experience (1)
Image source: Conrad Maldives


The Muraka luxury hotel is regarded as the first underwater villa in the world and it is the perfect luxury destination for honeymoons. Some of the most impressive amenities include an undersea master bedroom with a 180-degree curved acrylic dome and a dedicated marine-tunnel viewing theater. Guests can also benefit from an on-call spa, an infinity pool and jet skis are also available.


InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland ⇒ Shanghai, China


Best Underwater Hotels Revel In the Ultimate Hospitality Experience (2)
Image source: IHG


This outstanding underwater hotel in China is the epitome of modern engineering and architecture. It was built on the site of an abandoned quarry and presents a futuristic structure that cost over $300 million. The best suites of the InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland are undoubtedly the Premier Underwater View suites that highlight all the ultra-luxurious accommodations one would expect from such a hospitality venue.


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Resort World Sentosa ⇒ Singapore


Image source: Resort World Sentosa


The island mega-resort is home to six themed hotels, a giant spa, several outdoor pools, and Universal Studios. The property boasts nearly a dozen two-story underwater suites that are a destination in their own right. The upper level of each room offers sweeping views of the expansive property. The downstairs master bedroom affords relaxing views into the onsite aquarium — home to more than 40,000 fish — through a massive floor-to-ceiling window.


Lovers Deep Submarine ⇒ The Caribbean


Best Underwater Hotels Revel In the Ultimate Hospitality Experience (3)
Image source: Oliver’s Travels


Launched by the British traveling company, Oliver’s Travels, the Lovers Deep Submarine offers the ultimate romantic undersea experience. It is rather expensive but it is absolutely worth it as guests can fully explore the area either by speedboat or helicopter. Its suites are soundproof granting all the privacy guests look for and they can also benefit from an aphrodisiac dining menu and of course breakfast in bed.


Manta Resort ⇒ Pemba Island, Zanzibar


Image source: Manta Resort


Anchored 800 feet off the Zanzibar archipelago, the Manta Resort is the most affordable underwater hotel out of this list but equally excellent in luxurious amenities provides. While the resort only hosts two guests a time, they will have access to an exquisite master suite with a king-sized bed and floor-to-ceiling windows that will allow for extraordinary underwater views. If Kayaking and snorkeling are two of your favorite waters sports, then you ought to consider paying a visit to the Manta Resort.


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