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4 Amazing Hardware Shops in New York City

4 Amazing Hardware Shops in New York CityAs you know, New York City is hosting this weekend the amazing event BDNY. So while you’re in the Big Apple to be part of this event, you should check out this 4 amazing Hardware Shops!


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Elegance in Hardware

4 Amazing Hardware Shops in New York CityIn the City That Never Sleeps, we find Elegance in HardwareNew York City’s premier showroom for architectural, decorative and lock hardware. Elegance in Hardware has been established to offer any client, any designer or any architect a new, fresh and creative experience in Decorative Hardware and the best Part is that you’ll be able to find PullCast products in this store! It’s located at 860 Lexington Ave (between 64th and 65th St.),

Restoration Hardware Store

Get to Know The New Luxury Restauration Hardware StoreThe new Restoration Hardware Store, or RH, is a six stories tall place that brings the brand’s catalog to life. This amazing stop for design lovers let you experience your five senses thanks to its coffee bar and a rooftop restaurant that you can find inside. Find inside amazing hardware products!

The Nanz Company

4 Amazing Hardware Shops in New York City
Credits to The Nanz Company

Manufacturing fine custom hardware for beautiful homes throughout the world is our charge. Headquartered in New York City with a 50,000 square foot factory on Long Island, The Nanz Company specializes in not only the fabrication of the best handles, hinges, locks, and fittings but also the specification and organization of these exclusive products.

Simon’s Hardware and Bath

4 Amazing Hardware Shops in New York City
Credits to Simon’s Hardware and Bath

New York City’s oldest hardware store, Simon’s is a treasure trove of decorative and architectural hardware as well as kitchen and bath. A one-stop-shop for all the design lovers out there!


PullCast and Many Other Luxury Brands Will be at ISaloni Moscow 2018Discover the exclusive and luxury world of PullCast and dive in our amazing and elegant list of decorative and architectural hardware products. They will help you elevate and transform your home decor or your design project into a unique experience! Follow us on FacebookPinterestTwitterInstagramLinkedin, and Youtube!

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