Design Cities To Visit This November


Design Cities To Visit This November You might book a flight ticket after reading this post, especially if you are a design lover. Scroll down to discover the emerging design destinations for November! Below, you can find Design Cities ranging from the heart of design, Berlin, to relatively lesser-known but definitely must-see spots, like Sharjah. Likewise, Belfast, Northern Ireland, and Canberra, Australia, will draw architects and designers for design week festivities. If you’ve been itching to get off the beaten path, this is the time to do it!




Berlin – This year Berlin is calling for you for the 30th Anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall. Projections of historical pictures, films, and sound installations as well as lectures will be given regarding the historical aspects of the wall. Moreover, poetry slams and concerts will be held in seven different locations at the heart of the city. Though the festival will last a week, starting from November 4 to 10, Berlin will be celebrating the foundation of the Bauhaus Museum of Design! Walter Gropius, Ludwig Mies, Marcel Breuer, Paul Klee, Johannes Itten, Marianne Brandt and Gunta Stölzl are just a few of the names that stand for one of the most influential art movements in the field of 20th-century architecture, art and design. Lass uns gehen!

Design Cities To Visit This November

Belfast – Propelled in 2015, Belfast Design Week has developed to end up one of the U.K’s. most imaginative Design Cities. Despite the fact that the city is best known for its association with the Titanic, it has heaps of attractions other than the Titanic Museum. The festivities will commence on November 4 with a progression of talks and workshops, and proceed with throughout the entire week. Belfast doesn’t actually have an inn scene worth keeping in touch with home about, yet the AC Hotel Belfast by Marriott is a smooth, present-day alternative on the riverside.


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New York – What else, right? In November, New York will host the prestigious BDNY and the Salon + Art Design two Top Design Events that will rock this city! As one of the Top Design Capitals of the World, New Yorks boosts Design and Luxury and these two amazing events will be the unmissable part of your November!

Design Cities To Visit This November

Sharja – Never heard of it? Don’t worry, because Sharja is inviting you for its’ first major design and architecture event. Sharjah Architecture Triennial will offer new spaces for basic reflections of design and also encourage research that arranges the assembled condition within its complex social, economic, and cultural contexts. The festival will be held in the United Arab Emirates from 9th of November until the 8th of February 2020. The theme will be “Rights of Future Generations” which aims to rethink the global climate crisis through the lens of architecture and the relationship between generations; curated by Adrian Lahoud.just to 




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