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What to Expect From Maison et Objet 2018 in September!

What to Expect From Maison et Objet 2018 in September! – After an amazing event in January, Maison et Objet returns to Paris for another edition of the Ultimate Lifestyle and Design. In this new edition that is set to occur from 7-11 September at Paris Nord Villepinte, Maison et Objet will take on a new challenge, which is a complete overhaul of its structure in an effort to going back to the basics (regarding new sectors): Maison and Objet. We remember that PullCast was one of the stars of the Maison et Objet edition in January!

What to Expect From Maison et Objet 2018 in September!

Maison et Objet Paris is constantly reexamining its positioning in relation to the shifts in the market in order to best meet the needs of lifestyle industry professionals. Due to the diversity in the world of interior design, a lot of challenge for specifies take form, and so in order to become easier to scout new ideas and inspirations, Maison et Objet has altered its Maison sector, which will now be divided into four new realms to be explored: Unique & Eclectic, Today, Forever, and Craft. Through this four sectors, Maison et Objet will offer styles and trends just as diverse as ever before, with the assistance of the most exclusive luxury brands within these sectors.

What to Expect From Maison et Objet 2018 in September!

The beauty of this design and lifestyle event is that it is highly appreciated by respected buyers both French and international. These are always searching for the latest product novelties, so the presence of the Object hub by typology is more crucial than ever. For this edition, M&O has simplified the process into seven categories: Cook & ShareSmart GiftFashion AccessoriesKids & FamilyHome AccessoriesHome Fragrance, and Home Linen!

What to Expect From Maison et Objet 2018 in September!
Ramy Fishcler

The organization also released the name of the Designer of The Year for this Edition of Maison et Objet. The chose one was Ramy Fisher. In his work, Ramy Fischler doesn’t like to repeat himself and his designs have to make sense. After concluding his design studies at ENSCILes Ateliers in Paris in 2004, he then went to work with Patrick Jouin. It was there he started to explore all expressions of design until he founded his own studio in 2011. Fischler enjoys questioning the value of a function, he follows various steps in his creative process to achieve the final result, including anticipating tomorrow’s behaviors, defining the reason and use of each project and visualizing the environment where a piece would be effective.

What to Expect From Maison et Objet 2018 in September!

His work is heavily influenced by cinema. He practices design in much the same way a director makes a film. Fiction and collaborative work are the twin pillars of his process. His interior design projects for private residences and restaurants regularly give him the opportunity to design furniture. Furthermore, he also creates hybrid objects that illustrate his capacity to blur the boundaries between disciplines.

What to Expect From Maison et Objet 2018 in September!

The section Maison et Objet Rising Talents was also revealed. After honoring Italy in January, this time around Maison et Objet will be going to Lebanon by chosen six of its most emerging and talented designers. Carlo MassoudMarc DibehCarla BazAnastasia NystenStudio Caramel and Paola Sakr were the creators chosen by the jury to represent the future of Lebanese design. A new generation that has followed in their elders’ footsteps by putting their international experience to the service of local, usually little-known manufacturing techniques.


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