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Pullcast Hardware: Best Sellers Edition

Pullcast Hardware: Best Sellers Edition => In today’s article, the PullCast Blog will showcase some pieces that are Best Sellers. Handcrafted in Portugal and sold worldwide, Pullcast actively combines the use of noble materials with artisanal skills and techniques, favoring distinction.

Pullcast Hardware – Best Sellers Edition

Quantum Door Pull

Inspired in the atomic age design, Quantum is a polished brass series of door pulls, small and mid-size, the perfect finishing touch for your door designs. Enabling you to create a mix and match through your different environments of the house.

Catha Drawer Handles

Discover our Catha collection for an earthy-themed living room. Named after fire, sun and volcano features, Catha vigorous forms resemble the calm after the storm. A force of nature ready to become a drawer handle for your furniture designs.

Karpa Door Handle

Just like the Scale of the Carps, our Karpa Handles are bright and shiny, very eye-catching and attractive to complement any cabinet design. In awe of the Carp symbolism, we created this piece as an idea of persistence, courage, and strength, an accessory with meaning in interior design.

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Linckia Cabinet Handles

Take the risk in design, innovate, make your décor decisions based on instinct and not rules! The sea is a place where wondrous, fascinating creatures of magnificent and fascinating design roam, assuring beauty. Inspired in the vastness of starfishes, Linckia is a range of graceful furniture drawer handles entitled to create a sculptural scheme in your furniture designs.

Natica Drawer Handles

Shells, whether brightly striped or bland and pale, shine in its own way and are the external skeleton of the creature that lives within. Natica furniture drawer handle is a jewelry piece inspired by the unbelievable variety of sea life, one of nature’s gems. A series of luxurious cabinet hardware, providing the possibility of mix and match on your cupboards, side tables, cabinets designs.

Skyline Drawer Pulls

Pullcast Hardware

For any major metropolis, beauty is a precious backdrop even to appreciate things from afar. Skylines are the city’s profile, an iconic symbol, and just like our furniture door and drawer handles, create a silhouette when set in context. Mix and Match your designs with the Skyline Cabinet and Door Hardware.

Inspired by maple trees and its thick sweet syrup dripping when a branch is broken from the tree. With a distinctive aesthetic and opulent texture, our Maple shows the magnificence in nature’s absolute creations. A unique drawer handle for your furniture designs.


How good are the PullCast Hardware pieces?

Pullcast Hardware

Sonoran drawer handle celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of the world’s most known desert by providing high character and magnificence. Empower your cupboards, sideboards, cabinet furniture designs with authentic hardware design.

Pullcast Hardware

Our inspiration rises from the shingle beaches, where pebble is abundant. This furniture drawer handle is smooth but with an irregular texture, portraying the strength of the sea and the marks of contact with other rocks when wounding in the waves. An authentic cabinet hardware complement for your cupboard, cabinet, sideboard, enabling a perfect mix and match of design complements.

Pullcast Hardware

Portraying with elegance the unique beauty that resides on detailing, Acorn drawer handle is an imposing hardware complement to incorporate in your unique furniture designs.

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