Mid-Century Modern Style Inspiration For Your Next Projects

Mid-Century Modern Style Inspiration For Your Next Projects – Classic never goes out of Style and currently, it’s bigger than ever! Portraying with elegance the unique beauty that resides on detailing, our Twist Collection is powerful hardware to incorporate in your unique furniture designs and add some mid-century vibe.



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In today’s article, we explore a mid-century design series of hardware designs, whose aesthetic is based on some of the biggest events, movements, and personalities of the 20th century.

Twist was PullCast’s response to creating a collection that encompassed both characteristics from the mid-century and the contemporary design styles.



Mid-Century Modern Style Inspiration For Your Next Projects is a series of drawer hardware handles whose circular design was actually inspired by one of Essential Home’s, PullCast’s sister brand, most iconic pieces, the Monocles sideboard, a retro furniture piece that appears to have been taken out of a bond movie, oozing charm and luxury like no other piece.



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Mid-Century Modern Style Inspiration For Your Next ProjectsFor lovers of mid-century design cabinetry, the Monocles drawer handles assuredly become the perfect complement to furniture designs. The circular form of these designs is bathed in brass, however, it is available in a wide range of finishes, from copper to black nickel-plated.


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Mid-Century Modern Style Inspiration For Your Next ProjectsThe Hendrix door pull pieces, on the other hand, are a mixture of classic mid-century design and contemporary influences coming together to create an innovative and modern piece that would beautifully adorn main entrances and doorways.


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Mid-Century Modern Style Inspiration For Your Next ProjectsThe Quantum door and cabinet handles were inspired by the atomic age design and showcase a vertical polished brass form. They easily become the perfect mid-century decorative elements for door designs.

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Mid-Century Modern Style Inspiration For Your Next ProjectsLast but not least, the Brubeck door pull is composed of asymmetrical tubes in polished brass, creating a visually interesting focal point while exuding luxury and sophistication. Brubeck is a great addition to a home’s front door, for example, as it will set an elegant tone right from the moment guests ring the doorbell.


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