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LA – Modern Handles for your Home Décor

LA – Modern Handles for your Home Décor Los Angeles, choosing the correct interior hardware is an important, yet often overlooked, step in making a home appear stylish and unique. The last layer of any project, hardware, adds so much character and subtlety to an interior. Each handle or pull’s finish, size, form, style, and feel may make or break a project. Learn about our favorites!

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 Modern Handles to get

for your home décor

Brubeck Door Handle

This gorgeous Brubeck Pull may be used to adorn your entryway decor. They are suitable for any type of design. This stunning pull is crafted from asymmetrical polished brass tubes. As you can see in the image above, the end result is an eye-catching handle.

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LA - Modern Handles for your Home Décor

Karpa Cabinet Handle

LA - Modern Handles for your Home Décor

Our Karpa Handles, like the Scale of the Carps, are brilliant and dazzling, making them an eye-catching and appealing addition to any cabinet design. In awe of the Carp symbolism, we developed this item as an ideal of perseverance, courage, and strength, an interior design accent with significance.

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We are not done!

There are more modern handles to chose from

Kesya Drawer Handle LA - Modern Handles for your Home Décor

Last but not least, in terms of the bathroom, our Kesya Handles are a great option. We have several types of these drawer handles so you can mix and match. A stylish furniture handle designed to complement your contemporary furniture pieces.

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LA - Modern Handles for your Home Décor


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Atlas Cabinet Handle

The Atlas family hardware’s striking style will make a superb statement piece in your drawers and cabinetry, drawing attention to the specifics of your project. It highlights the complexities and diversity of cultures and people found in the world’s biggest cities. Atlas Drawer Handle can also be used with the Atlas Cabinet Handlea perfect match for your modern interiors.

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