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Iconic Buildings In Austin => This one is for you, architecture or history lovers out there! We’ve gathered some of Austin‘s most iconic buildings that you can not miss when visiting the Capital City.


Iconic Buildings In Austin


Texas State Capitol

Iconic Buildings In Austin
Courtesy of Austin Chapter of Credit Unions

The Texas Capitol, in Austin, was designed to create a big impression when it was first built in 1888 (it replaced a smaller building that had been destroyed by fire in 1881). It is somewhat taller than the structure that houses our country’s legislature and is constructed in a neo-Renaissance style that was modeled after the U.S. Capitol. It includes the domes, columns, plasterwork, and pediments typical of classical architecture. The bright, pinkish granite used in the state Capitol’s construction is one of its most distinctive features. It produces a distinctive hue that is exclusive to the nation’s capitol buildings.


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Iconic Buildings In Austin

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UT Tower

Iconic Buildings In Austin
Courtesy of University of Texas at Austin

The Main Tower at the University of Texas and the Texas Capitol were the two most recognizable structures in the Austin skyline for a long time. It was finished in 1937 and was planned by renowned French-born architect Paul Philippe Cret, who also created the Beaux-Arts plan for the university’s main campus. The main staircase is made of West Texas marble and the door frames are made of locally mined limestone.


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Caswell House

Iconic Buildings In Austin
Courtesy of Eventective

The incredibly well-preserved Caswell House is a City of Austin Historic Landmark, a Texas Historic Landmark, and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The stunning Victorian structure has long been a favorite for Austin weddings and gatherings, especially in the winter when its opulent inside areas are the most useful.


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Iconic Buildings In Austin


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Driskill Hotel

Iconic Buildings In Austin
Courtesy of Driskill Hotel

In 1886, the Driskill was constructed for a cattle baron. Shortly after, he appears to have lost it in a card game, but the vintage grandiosity, repeatedly restored, is still mostly there. It was Austin‘s finest and greatest hotel for many years, and to some extent, it still is. Politicians, socialites, and other affluent or prominent individuals used the hotel as a gathering spot. Visit its stunning lobby, enjoy a beverage at its renowned bar, and take in the seriously historic atmosphere.




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