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Get to Know 4 Amazing Design Places in Hong Kong

Get to Know 4 Amazing Places in Hong Kong – Today, PullCast Blog will give you a tour of 4 Amazing Design Places in the Chinese Territory of Hong Kong! This city displays a wide array of cultures and outlooks on all aspects of life, but it’s also a city that loves design, and that’s why we decided to show you 4 Places that symbolize the best that Hong Kong has to offer in terms of design!


1 – Asia Society Hong Kong

Get to Know the Design Side of Hong Kong

The verdant face of Asia Society Hong Kong. What else could be said? It is the headquarters of the Asian Society Hong Kong, a non-profit organization which focuses on spreading the culture and history of Asia around the world. It is a beautiful building, carefully integrated into a verdant expanse of nature which, besides providing with much-needed oxygen, paints a smile the color of green in everyone who visits it.


2 – Gough’s on Gough

Located on the titular Gough street, Gough’s on Gough is as much a reminder of the past British presence on Hong Kong, as it is one of the most unique places you can grab a bite while there. It just has one of the most bewitching and priceless interior designs one could ever lay eyes on it. The food is some of the tastiest in that side of Asia too.


3 – International Commerce Centre

Standing at 108 storeys, this 1,588-ft skyscraper in West Kowloon was the fourth tallest building in the world when it was completed in 2010. Today, it’s the world’s 10th tallest building and remains the highest structure in Hong Kong. It’s home to the Elements Mall, the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong and three Michelin-starred restaurants. The tower also contains an observation deck, Sky100, which boasts stunning panoramic views of the harbor.


4 – M+ Pavilion

Get to Know the Design Side of Hong Kong

Located in West Kowloon Cultural District, M+ Pavilion is the go-to place for lovers of modern art. Don’t get your hopes too high thinking this is the famed M+; rather, it is its precursor, but it certainly deserves a visit. M+, its bigger brother and currently under construction, is scheduled to open in 2019. Until then, this museum is bound to satisfy all your design and artistic needs, wants, and it might just surprise you!

Get to Know the Design Side of Hong Kong


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