Key Highlights From Design Week 2022


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Design & Craftsmanship Foundation Will be at Homo Faber 2018

Design & Craftsmanship Foundation Will be at Homo Faber 2018 The Homo Faber 2018  (14-30 September) will be one of the major design events of the year! As we already told you, it will take place in Venice, at Fondazione Giorgio Cini, and its organized by Michelangelo Foundation, a Swiss-based entity that promotes the legacy and protection of Craftsmanship throughout the world.

Design & Craftsmanship Foundation Will be at Homo Faber 2018PullCast will be represented at the Homo Faber 2018 by the Covet Group. As you know, PullCast is part of the Covet Family and this luxury group will have a strong presence at this amazing  event. This group will be represented by the Design & Craftsmanship Foundation, the most recent Portuguese institution to honour and promote the excellence of craftsmanship.

Design & Craftsmanship Foundation Will be at Homo Faber 2018Two curated pieces will be representing the best of the country’s legacy: the filigree delicate jewellery technique with the Filigree mirror and the renowned hand-painted tiles, called “azulejos”, with the contemporary piece Heritage sideboard. Both pieces are part of the Limited Collection by Boca do Lobo, will be exhibited at the space Best of European Craftsmanship, at Sala degli Arazzi, where visitors would be able to wander through exquisite objects specifically sourced for the event and observe the skill of master artisans in real time and at close quarters. Let’s learn more about this two Arts &  the two Craftsmen that will be in Venice representing PullCast and The Covet Group!

ART & CRAFT: Filigree 

Design & Craftsmanship Foundation Will be at Homo Faber 2018Filigree is a jewellery technique used to solder tiny beads and twisted threads. Filigree is the most delicate technique used to work precious metals, usually of gold and silver. It is an age-old and detailed jewellery expression in which skilled artisans painstakingly solder tiny beads and twisted threads to create striking artistic motifs, suggesting often an exquisite and intricate lace-like pattern.


Design & Craftsmanship Foundation Will be at Homo Faber 2018

Rui is a natural-born artisan, proving 16 Years of jewellery design making, today mastering several jewellery techniques, predominantly the delicate filigree. Trained in the North of Portugal, his art represents a fine narrative in a new generation of artists. The quest of expressing a personal artistic path, as well as to honour its country history and traditions. Rui emphasizes it’s creative expression and design has the most essential to lead to Fine Art. An artisan driving high value to its jewellery concepts, perceived has equivalent to the preciousness of its materials. He is also the Lead Artisan of PullCast.

ART & CRAFT: Azulejos/ Hand Painted Tiles

Design & Craftsmanship Foundation Will be at Homo Faber 2018Being one of the most representative art forms of the Portuguese culture, the hand-painted tiles reflect a tradition with hundreds of years, and it often portrays scenes from our history or its fabulous sights. The majority of tiles are decorated with glazed colourful designs showing Moorish motifs which have curvilinear, lacelike and looping designs, or even have geometric or floral schemes.


Design & Craftsmanship Foundation Will be at Homo Faber 2018Painter of tiles since 1985, he was trained in the section of panels of the renowned Ceramics House Aleluia, in Aveiro, Portugal. He is considered today one of the most highly specialized painter, having reached the leading position until its departure in 1996. At that time, it decided to create its own atelier, maintaining the quality standards of the traditional Portuguese tile, innovating and creating new aesthetic concepts.


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