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Celebrate France National Day With Paris Door Handles And Details – Today, PullCast Blog in order to celebrate the French national day will show you some doors inspirations, spread across the beautiful city of Paris. Be inspired with us!


Historical Meaning

Celebrate France National Day


Celebrate France National Day

On July 14, 1789, the Parisians attacked the Bastille, signaling the beginning of the French Revolution against the harsh rule of the monarchy. After storming the Bastille, the people seized weapons and ammunition to fight the royal troops.


Precious Details From Paris


How about using old French elements to create a contemporary decor?


Celebrate France National Day

The French People are known for their good taste. Their architecture breathes refinement, luxury, traditional and contemporary. All in harmony, it’s charming!


Covet HouseBoca do LoboLuxxuMaison ValentinaPullCastCircu


Celebrate France National Day

Much more than a simple architectural and decorative element of external areas, the lion has a meaning of guard and protection in the area of ​​architecture. This is due to its image of strength, courage and austerity — a symbol capable of frightening those who approach it. The use of the image of this animal in the form of a sculpture in buildings and interior decoration comes from antiquity. This concept explains why these statues were placed at the gates and doors of large houses like the old houses of paris.



Celebrate France National Day

Serpents were also used as architectural elements, for example, a wall of serpents (coatepantli) was often used to mark out sacred spaces within a ceremonial area.

For the more curious people, In France, there is a ” Serpent d’océan”, a monumental sculpture made of aluminum, 130 m long in total. It represents the skeleton of an immense imaginary sea serpent, whose vertebrae undulate to end in an open mouth. The work is installed at the tip of the Nez-de-Chien, in Mindin, in the territory of the commune of Saint-Brevin-les-Pins in the French département of Loire-Atlantique, at the limit where the Loire estuary joins the Atlantic Ocean.




Celebrate France National DayLizards are considered as a lucky omen and was representative of divine wisdom and good fortune. This type of sculpture is the perfect hardware to design your space and a great idea to make your door to look more elegant.




Celebrate France National Day


Celebrate France National Day

The entryways set the tone for the whole home design: An aesthetic that cleverly combines the finest components of classicism with an elegant and refined twist. Here, represented is the Flow Door Hardware from PullCast, one of the most elegant and opulent pieces that confer an extraordinary character to any door.


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