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Amazing Design Pieces That Resemble Works of Art


Amazing Design Pieces That Resemble Works of Art –  This week marked the end of the 2019 Edition of the amazing Masterpiece London Art Fair! Set within the grounds of the historic Royal Hospital Chelsea, Masterpiece is more than just an opportunity to acquire expertly vetted works of art from world-class dealers.


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In honor of this AMazing Trade SHow, wev’ve decided to showcase some Amazing Design Pieces that resemble Works of Art. Take a Look:



Along the ocean floor, round forms with eight long arms floats. We have extended octopus features in our Octo drawer handle, an understated elegance bringing instant character to your furniture designs, through cabinet hardware. Octopus’s selection is perfect to create a sculptural scheme in diverse design aesthetics.



masterpiece poetically made with the most beautiful Swarovski crystals. All the details are so unique that they have the power to create not only a perfect space but also to get you involved in passionate emotions.




With one deep dive you can feel instant fascination by the mysterious beauty underwater. Inspired by the reef corals, there is gracefulness, levity and roughness in Toile furniture door handle. Toile series gives space for the set-up in different aesthetics. A great sense of functionality and art in Door Hardware.



Amazing Design Pieces That Resemble Works of Art


This amazing chandelier is inspired by one of the most irreverent designers of all time, Alexander McQueen. Made with gold plated hammered brass, handmade butterflies and majestic flowers ending with the touch of beautiful Swarovski crystals. Bold and feminine, this creation is a real lumen sculpture.




The Guggenheim Museum is considered to be the “temple of the spirit”. Furthermore, it is the most important structure of its time. The Guggenheim chandelier was designed as a result of the leading-edge architecture.




Engage with hypnotic Nile round form, bursting gold and wavy textures. Paying tribute to the splendour of the cotton plant, this piece expresses delicateness with a fierceness beauty. An exclusive drawer handle for your furniture designs.



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