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A True Oasis Of Inspiration – Ocean Collection

A True Oasis Of Inspiration – Ocean Collection – A property in the Turks and Caicas Islands, in the Caribbean, received the title of The Best Beach House. Today, PullCast Blog will show you this sea of inspiration to refresh your summer ideas. Be Inspired!



A True Oasis Of Inspiration in Turks and Caicos Islands

A True Oasis Of Inspiration - Ocean CollectionTurks and Caicos islands number around 100 landmasses in the entire archipelago, only 9 of which are inhabited, but many of which offer adventure, beaches, history, and exploration opportunities. These small islands are easy to access and offer a world of luxury, relaxation, romantic getaways for two, and even family fun. You can find just about any kind of holiday experience here that you like.

Refresh your summer ideas in A True Oasis Of Inspiration

A True Oasis Of Inspiration - Ocean Collection

With one million votes, this property in the Turks and Caicas Islands, in the Caribbean, was named the most beautiful beach house in the world.

Shades of Blue

A True Oasis Of Inspiration - Ocean Collection

The shades of blue and the view from the balconies to the ocean are undoubtedly the greatest inspiration for those who have the pleasure of staying here.


An Oasis With a Cascading Waterfall

A True Oasis Of Inspiration - Ocean Collection

The house has white walls, a wooden ceiling and seven bedrooms, five of them suites with king-size beds and a deck overlooking the sea. There are nine bathrooms, in addition to a spa, bar and outdoor kitchen. The house’s pool and outdoor lounge is an oasis with a cascading waterfall, LED lighting and in-water seating.


Give a beachy and maritime vibe to your interiors with Our Ocean Collection 

A True Oasis Of Inspiration - Ocean Collection

Drawing inspiration from the versatility of sea life and the pleasing aesthetic seen in deep blue waters, the Ocean collection was developed to deliver uplifting and good-natured style furniture designs. If you are looking to change a few things around in your home decor, then the following eight hardware pieces that are currently 20% off at PullCast Shop are bound to give a beachy and maritime vibe to your interiors!




Discover Our New Products




REF OC2047


With a Stellar Design, the new piece of the ocean collection draws its inspiration in Seastars. The Stella Door Pull is made carefully by the hands of true artisans, representing the true beauty that the sea brings to us.



REF OC2050

Partly inspired by the astounding exterior of the Florida crown conch, the Rae drawer handle introduces a refreshing double twist. Rae’s detailed nature emphasizes a seafaring aesthetic and its spiny silhouette is smoothed in brass, ideal to adorn furnishings with a sense of rarity.




REF OC2042

Along the coastlines of the world, Seashells adorn the shore with their beautiful presence. Pullcast’s new Ocean collection piece has the feminine touch of nature and will adorn your doors with a symbol of birth, good fortune, and resurrection.


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