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5 Ways To Use Brass In A Bathroom Renovation



5 Ways To Use Brass In A Bathroom Renovation ⇒  Brass is a trend that has become more popular over the years, being used in modern kitchens and bathrooms. This material adds warmth, elegance and a vintage aspect to a project, perfectly contrasting other materials such as marble and concrete, that are on-trend right now as well, making it a perfect complement to any Bathroom Renovation.


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Shower Fixtures And Framing

5 Ways To Use Brass In A Bathroom Renovation


Adorning your shower frame with brass fixtures immediately elevates it from a transparent and minimalist look to one of understated elegance and sophistication. As mentioned above, the golden tone of brass is a wonderful complement to a marble bathroom.


Lighting Fixtures

5 Ways To Use Brass In A Bathroom Renovation


The brass lighting fixtures create a sophisticated contrast with the white and bare wall, drawing attention to themselves. While these lights have a more rustic feel to them, you’re welcome to choose the type of design that would fit your project the best.


Mirror Frames

5 Ways To Use Brass In A Bathroom Renovation


Mirrors with brass frames such as the one in the picture tend to add a vintage aspect to the bathroom, contrasting beautifully with other minimal or modern elements, such as the black faucet in this image.



5 Ways To Use Brass In A Bathroom Renovation



Brass hardware pieces such as PullCast’s Skyline Drawer Handle are the best contrast to black furniture, and together create a seamlessly elegant design style that once added to your Bathroom Renovation is sure to awe guests. Like the picture above, adding a brass or golden-framed mirror and some gold lighting fixtures will increase the contrast even more.



5 Ways To Use Brass In A Bathroom Renovation


Shelving units are great for increasing the storage space in your bathroom, and brass ones will add character to your bathroom as a plus. The brass shelf in the picture not only has storage space, although not much, but also hangers to place towels and robes and even a mirror, making it a small but convenient vanity for the bathroom.




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Bathroom RenovationBathroom Renovation;

Bathroom RenovationBathroom Renovation

Bathroom RenovationBathroom Renovation

Bathroom RenovationBathroom Renovation

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