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5 UK Cities That Inspired PullCast Creations

5 UK Cities That Inspired PullCast Creations – Taking advantage of the fact that PullCast will be at the London Design Festival, PullCast Blog decided to create a list of 5 UK Cities that inspire every day the artisans of PullCast!


5 UK Citie's That Inspired PullCast CreationsThe British Capital is an Iconic City of Europe and, as such, one of the sources of inspiration by luxury hardware brand PullCast! The amazing history of London allied to the iconic architectural present in many of the cities buildings, namely the modern The ShaSkyscraperper or the classic St Paul’s Cathedral, proves to be an unlimited source of inspiration and quality to any brand, but especially for PullCast.


5 UK Citie's That Inspired PullCast CreationsManchester’s buildings display a variety of architectural styles, ranging from Victorian to Contemporary Architecture. The widespread use of red brick characterizes the city, much of the architecture of which harks back to its days as a global center for the cotton trade. As one of the first Industrial Capitals of Europe, Manchester is an iconic city and, therefore, a great source of inspiration!


5 UK Citie's That Inspired PullCast CreationsThe Home City of the famous The Beatles! The music past and present of Liverpool is significant, but this city also presents an unique architectural style that matches the seaport vocation of the city. For centuries, Liverpool was the main Entry Door of England and that’s why the Waterfront and Sea Docks of Liverpool are considered one of the most mesmerizing and inspirational sights of Great Britain!


5 UK Citie's That Inspired PullCast CreationsSituated in Scotland’s Central Belt, Edinburgh is one of the most populous cities in the United Kingdom and, like London, it has a strong and longlasting history. A great example of that ancient history is the iconic Edinburgh Castle, one of the most iconic buildings in the United Kingdom and one of the most beautiful sights in Europe!


5 UK Citie's That Inspired PullCast CreationsCardiff has many landmark buildings, after all it’s the Capital of Wales! A curious fact is that Cardiff claims to have the largest concentration of castles of any city in the world, surpassing other British Cities like London or Edinburgh! But truth be told, Cardiff inspires anyone due to its unique welsh environment that transports us to a more simple time!


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