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3 Amazing and Modern Architectural Buildings in Portugal

3 Amazing and Modern Architectural Buildings in Portugal – Portugal is a country that has everything to offer in terms of architecture styles. We can find a mix of old, contemporary and modern styles of architecture in the same city and is this unique blending that is transforming Portugal in a deluxe destination for architecture lovers!

3 Amazing and Modern Architectural Buildings in Portugal

The great Portuguese architecture reflects what you can find better in this beautiful country, and we mustn’t forget that Portugal is the home of two of the most respected architects of the world, Álvaro Siza Vieira and Eduardo Souto Moura! Like many other Portuguese brands, PullCast gets inspired from the many stunning examples of fine architecture we can find in cities like Oporto and Lisbon. That’s why PullCast Blog decided to highçlight a few examples of modern architectural buildings in Portugal. 

3 Amazing and Modern Architectural Buildings in Portugal

We begin in Lisbon with the MAAT – Art, Architecture and Technology’s Museum! This project is the corresponding to a free drawing that always keeps its functionality. The building holds within itself undiscovered secrets, utopias that become reality and the globality of knowledge. The involvement that possesses us when we visit this mythical museum is embracing and, at the same time, singular. Never a walk on the routes of wisdom felt so good. Dedicated to the young and to the not so young, MAAT is the center stage for adventure. Architecture assumes expansive contours in this creation, proving that this ancient art can be associated with the highest causes.

3 Amazing and Modern Architectural Buildings in Portugal

Also located in Lisbon we can find the city’s Aquarium, an inspiring and superb creation that was the crown jewel of the Expo 98, a major international event that helped revamp Lisbon. Here we find it all – birds, mammals, fishes, plants. Regarded as the best aquarium in the world by TripAdvisor, its conceptual design was conceived by the North-American architect Peter Chermayeff. Surrounded by the waters of Tejo’s River, the Aquarium is also a stage for knowledge and a motto for many study visits. The depths can both be calm and relentless, triggering the curiosity of thousands of people around the world.

3 Amazing and Modern Architectural Buildings in Portugal

A bit further north we have Oporto, an illuminated city that welcomed with arms wide open, in 2005, the Casa Música. A project full of eccentricity, culture and innovation. Oporto always had a close relationship to the arts and Casa da Música was created to enhance this very idea, in a way of continuity. The eternal perpetuity of that physical phenomenon which is sound saw in Oporto a home to live for many years. Designed by the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, master of contemporary architecture and winner of a Pritzker, this creation doesn’t follow conventional patterns and claims itself as a modern artistic landmark. Undoubtedly, a visual soundtrack for the soul.

3 Amazing and Modern Architectural Buildings in Portugal

What did you think of these 3 modern examples of Portuguese architecture? Tell us all about it and visit the PullCast website and take a look at the stunning Ocean and Cosmopolitan collections that can relate to these three buildings!


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