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When Simple Design Meets Extraordinary Art!


When Simple Design Meets Extraordinary Art! –  Our partners’ of Boca do Lobo presented us to the incredible talent of the British artist Stuart Haygarth. We want to share with you some of his incredible works.


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His practice revolves around commonplace or discarded objects which are diligently collected, meticulously categorized and skillfully assembled into elaborate unique design sculptures that whimsically imbue the banal and overlooked with beauty and grace by turning randomness and waste into order and symmetry.


When Simple Design Meets Extraordinary Art!
Stuart Haygarth, Pyre, 2006. Kee Klamp steel framework, timber base and 70 vintage electric log effect fires. Created for the exhibition ‘Day Dreaming With Stanley Kubrick’ held at Somerset House, London.


When Simple Design Meets Extraordinary Art!
Stuart Haygarth, Igloo, 2011. LED lighting, clear crystal glassware, Perspex.


For the artist, no object is unredeemable. In Haygarth’s hands, salvaged prescription spectacles, exploded party poppers, smashed car wing mirrors, ceramic figurines, and laboratory equipment become sculptural marvels of exquisite unique design.


Stuart Haygarth, Prairie King, 2014. Vintage metal rocking horses, chromed aluminium, cabachon fairground lights.
Stuart Haygarth, Raft (dogs), 2009. Corian, spun metal shade and dog figurines.


We can’t imagine what he could do with some Decorative Hardware or Architectural Hardware pieces. Can you imagine that extraordinary art? We bet it will look crazy beautiful!


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