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What You Missed at PAD Gèneve 2019

What You Missed at PAD Gèneve 2019 – If you are an Art and Design lover, then this Best Of article about Pad Gèneve is for you!


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In this second edition, PAD Gèneve opened its doors to the world and showcased, once again, a strong world of art, beauty and creativity. This event was the first design exhibition and modern art fair totally devoted to contemporary furniture and decorative arts of the year.

What You Missed at PAD Gèneve 2019Each of the contemporary art galleries that were present in this art fair was focused in a specific time period, style or collection of individual designers. Beside this, this art and design exhibition unlocked windows of opportunities for both new and established collectors to discover the evolution of historic and contemporary design and also for the creative works by emerging artists.

What You Missed at PAD Gèneve 2019One of the highlights was the Hervé Van der Straeten Gallery, a top exhibitor that created a dialogue between Design and Contemporary Art. From the moment this gallery opened, the designer Hervé Van der Straeten has invited artists to exhibit their works alongside his own creations. During PAD Gèneve, it was possible to see all the wonderful creative works with an exclusive design by recognized and emerging artists.

What You Missed at PAD Gèneve 2019

From the US came TODD MERRILL. The innovative program offered by this contemporary art gallery presented a diverse group of artists working today each sharing an underlying drive to push the materials that comprise their works to their absolute aesthetic limits. Their dynamic, unique, and frequently groundbreaking pieces contributed to today’s increasingly relevant grey space between art and design.

What You Missed at PAD Gèneve 2019

The last highlight belongs to Latham Gallery. Since 1981, the Latham Gallery is specialized in the decorative arts of the twentieth century, the gallery is located in the heart of cultural and financial Geneva. During PAD Gèneve, it was one of the most appreciated contemporary art galleries.

What You Missed at PAD Gèneve 2019


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