Vintage Trends to Mix With Amazing Hardware Pieces

Vintage Trends to Mix With Amazing Hardware PiecesOne of the Vintage Trends of 2019 will be the Return of Vintage! We’ll tell you now some decorating moves that you can use to let the Vintage Style fit right in with more contemporary styles and all the stunning hardware pieces we love!


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We’ve rounded up tree vintage interior design trends that are bac and that are better than ever. Even better, these Trends are perfect to mix with some of the most stunning pieces of PullCast. 

Vintage Trends to Mix With Amazing Hardware Pieces

Make a killer first impression with a statement-making entry. There are plenty of other places in your home to focus on accessibility and comfort, so dial up the formality and pack a major style punch in smaller spaces that will see lots of traffic and plenty of visitors. Use a stunning pull in your entryway to improve it even further!

Vintage Trends to Mix With Amazing Hardware Pieces

Whether you inherited silver from your great aunt or have racked up your own collection of oyster plates from your own antiquing adventures, it’s time to brush the dust off and pull them out of the cabinets in which you’re so carefully storing them. Like hand-me-down jewelry or family heirlooms, collections are meant to be seen and enjoyed, plus they’re instant character builders in any space. You can highlight these display with some stunning pulls.

Vintage Trends to Mix With Amazing Hardware Pieces

If you’re suffering because you love wood but you don’t think it’s modern, don’t worry. As we told you earlier: Vintage is coming back! Dark wood paneling is swinging back into style. Whether it’s original to the home or something that’s added later, dark wood injects rooms with an old-soul warmth that’s difficult to replicate with paint alone. And what fits better with Wood? A stunning brass Pull, like the amazing Skyline Pull from PullCast. 

The Elegance and Exquisiteness of the Skyline Family by PullCast


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