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Unique Cabinet Handles by AzzariAzzari It’s our reseller and is known as a high-end design company and an exclusive dealer for the benelux market. They offer unique cabinet handles & door- window  but also metal, copper and brass furniture. Today, PullCast Blog will show you more incredible projects from this brand to leave you inspired.


Moon, edge pulls by Joseph Giles.

EP1014 - Joseph Giles

As its name implies, this edge pull handle was inspired by and pays homage to the moon and its quiet beauty. The idea of understated beauty was aptly translated into a functional and practical design of a pull handle. The design is the epitome of timeless elegance, the half- moon shaped grips at the back are as equally functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. And like the moon’s constant presence, these handles will last a lifetime.


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LV1045 - Joseph Giles

The ‘Fonteyn’ lever handle is inspired by the iconic Margot Fonteyn, a beautiful and graceful ballerina who performed for the Royal Ballet. Her supreme command of ballet earned her the status of Prima Ballerina Absoluta, as appointed by the Queen, cementing her as an icon of elegance and agility. Like that of a ballerina, the ‘Fonteyn’ collection is finely balanced, elegant and truly something to behold.
The ‘Fonteyn’ lever handles are made from the finest grade solid brass and are hand finished in all the signature finishes.
Finishing picture: brushed brass waxed

Editor’s Choice



REF CM3015

The Infinity drawer handle was designed to exude feminine grace as well as everlasting elegance and timelessness. This piece highlights a fairly rounded silhouette with a polished brass finish.

Joseph Giles | Hammered Architectural Door & Cabinet Hardware | The English Tapware Company

These beautiful half moon hammered cabinet handles are a perfect way to add a textured statement. As they are hammered by hand, each piece is unique. Available in four sizes and in all the signatures finishes.


Essential HomeDelightfullRugSocietyBrabbuCaffe Latte


Joseph Giles - FONTEYN Solid Brass Wall Light with Handmade Clear Glass Shade | The English Tapware Company

A triple touch of gold! A single light pendant made from solid metal and finished with a matt black rubber cord flows easily into the room. The firm cross pattern of the door handle changes every touch. The tealight holder offers stunning reflections from the candle light. Available in a package of three or as single pieces, the perfect gift for every ‘candle-light-dinner-party’!


Editor’s Choice



REF CM3001

Skylines are the city’s profile, an iconic symbol, and just like our skyline luxury cabinet hardware, create a silhouette when set in context. Mix and match your designs with the Skyline brass cabinet handle.



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