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The Most Memorable Stands At Habitat Valencia 2019



The Most Memorable Stands At Habitat Valencia 2019 ⇒  Today is the last day of this international tradeshow which shook the design world and brought on some fresh trends in the interior design market. Therefore, PullCast chose the best and more creative brands and trends presented during this event that elevated design.


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The Best Moments From Habitat Valencia 2019


This Spanish couch design brand prioritizes quality that boosts creativity in those who seat in it. With handmade and detailed designs that ensure individuality, Lebom is set out to innovate in the sofa market and create pieces made for creative minds.



The Best Moments From Habitat Valencia 2019


Another Spanish firm, .annud strives for quality and innovation in the upholstery market and took the chance to present some of their products at Habitat Valencia 2019, such as the Connery collection, which can be seen above. The collection, as well as its name, were inspired by the best-known actors in the history of cinema and the classic films they starred in, as demonstrated by the classic but timeless lines of the chair’s design and its durable quality.


The Ramón Esteve Exhibit

The Best Moments From Habitat Valencia 2019


This exhibit pays homage to the work of architect Ramón Esteve, whose first furniture line dates back to 1996. Esteve designed his own exhibition site, where he displayed several of both his older and his more recent works. A guided tour through the area was scheduled by the fair itself during the first day of the event.


The Best Moments From Habitat Valencia 2019

PullCast and LUXXU

The Best Moments From Habitat Valencia 2019


With “Modern Design and Living” as their concept, PullCast and LUXXU came together to create a stand that exudes elegance and luxury. If you still haven’t visited their stand, head over to N2-P2 Stand D46 before the end of the tradeshow!




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Habitat Valencia 2019Habitat Valencia 2019;

Habitat Valencia 2019Habitat Valencia 2019

Habitat Valencia 2019Habitat Valencia 2019

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