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The Flower Inspiration Behind the Dazzling Strelitzia Door Pull

The Flower Inspiration Behind the Dazzling Strelitzia Door Pull ⇒ In today’s article, PullCast Blog as a tribute to the autumn season explores an exquisite door hardware design whose inspiration is based on one of the most astounding flowers in the world.


The Strelitzia pull was inspired by what many considered to be the “flower queen” for centuries, native in South Africa. Otherwise known as the Crane or bird of paradise flower due to its similitude to the Paradisaeidae species, it represents faithfulness, love, and thoughtfulness.

The paradisal and delicate aesthetic of said flower was then translated into an exclusive decorative hardware piece whose silhouette portrays a dash of romanticism and subtle refinement when installed in modern or contemporary interiors.

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The Flower Inspiration Behind the Dazzling Strelitzia Door Pull 7 (1)

Finished in polished brass, the Strelitzia door hardware highlights a lengthier form that best complements darker-toned doors, allowing for an exquisite contrast color-wise. Moreover, its organic character is further enhanced by sculptural brass details found in its upper part that remain authentic to its original inspiration.


The Flower Inspiration Behind the Dazzling Strelitzia Door Pull 7 (1)

This dazzling decorative hardware piece is one of the most intriguing designs found within PullCast’s Earth collection. This collection was born from the brand’s ceaseless pursuit of finding the most distinguished forms, shapes, and textures in nature and converting them into one-of-a-kind designs!

Overall, PullCast created a stunning door pull inspired by one of nature’s most aesthetically pleasing works of art. The end result is a rather unique hardware piece that sets a romantic mood and easily becomes an elegant addition to any room, making quite a statement, especially in spaces such as an entryway or main home entrance.

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