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The Eclectic Style of Kris Turnbull


The Eclectic Style of Kris Turnbull –  In 2007, Top Designer Kris Turnbull established the famous Kris Turnbull Studio, a design studio specialized in high-end projects that offers a complete service of architecture, interior architecture and interior design. In all of the Kris Turnbull Studios projects, we can see a showcase of the finest furniture, most luxurious fabrics and opulent interior collections from around the world that are always perfectly combined to create an incredible space that fits the client’s needs. And that’s why we at PullCast admire him!


The Eclectic Style of Kris Turnbull
Kris Turnbull


This award-winning studio was responsible for some sumptuous private residences, but it also created some amazing corporate and hospitality designs that include the impressive Chelsea Wine Bar in Northern Ireland or the Royal Wharf in London These are only a few examples of the unique and inspirational super-prime projects developed by this amazing Studio that follows a contemporary luxury style that fully exemplifies the grandiose design approach of Kris Turnbull itself.




Kris Turnbull
Kris Turnbull Project


In fact, Kris Turnbull and his Creative Team are known for having a bespoke approach for every client, and by doing so they always provide a tailored design experience to their clients. This experience is backed by extensive property and design experience but must of all a natural inclination for quality and luxury! It’s undeniable that Kris Turnbull and his team take a hands-on approach to every project ensuring each is delivered according to their desires for a contemporary and magnanimous interior design experience.



Kris Turnbull Porject
Kris Turnbull Project


As explained in their website, Kris Turnbull Studios’ main aim is to create a more exquisite living environment for everyone. This elegant Studio is set within a stunning converted church, where Kris Turnbull and his Studio Team plans the best design projects and showcases the finest furniture and most luxurious fabrics!
Their amazing style and elegant vision made them renowned worldwide and that’s why they are considered one of the most desirable and esteemed design studios in the United Kingdom and the World.


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“Every project we design reflects our client’s personality and signature style. The combination of fabrics and furnishings is determined by their lifestyle and ultimately the ambiance we create is a reflection of their individuality. The diversity of our clients’ tastes and desires and the projects we work on is just so exciting & why we love what we do!”- Kris Turnbull Team




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