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The Best Contemporary Living Room Ideas From Matrix Design

The Best Contemporary Living Room Ideas From Matrix Design – Matrix Design is a design brand established in 2010 to provide high-end design services. Headquartered in Shenzhen, it has design centres in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu. After nearly 10 years of development, Matrix Design has grown into a Chinese design brand with industry influence and contemporary representativeness. In this article, PullCast Blog will talk about the best contemporary living room ideas from Matrix Design!


Matrix Design

Wang Zhaobao is the CEO and founder of Matrix Design. Wang Zhaobao is a designer with 15 years of experience in design and management. He is currently pursuing a doctorate in business administration. In the 9-year development of Matrix Design, he continued to surpass himself and has become the leader of the entire team – from the initial designer to project manager and then to today’s CEO of the company with 160 employees. In 2010, he co-founded Matrix Design with Wang Guan and Liu Jianhui. Since then, he has led the youngest interior design team in China to create a design style represented by New Asia. Thanks to his excellent management ability and creative design partner system, Matrix Design ranked 6th in the China design ranking and 1st in China’s most valuable design companies released by the Chinese edition of American Interior Design magazine in 2018.



Matrix Design, The Best Contemporary Living Room Ideas

Matrix Design

Since its inception, Matrix Design has been shouldering industry responsibility and social responsibility. Under the premise of “returning to the East” as the team mission, it strives to realize the design value-added of environmental, social, cultural and economic benefits, solve and improve the living environment, and become the most faithful practitioner of “realizing people’s yearning for a better life”. According to the 2021 global top 100 design giants list released by the authoritative magazine “international design”, the matrix design matrix ranked second in the world and ranked 23rd in the world.


Matrix Design – Shenyang Huarun Happiness A Apartment Model Room

Matrix Design, The Best Contemporary Living Room Ideas

Blue stands for romance in the world of colours. Romance and love are the main themes in this design. The warm yellow artistic wallpaper behind the sofa brings much vivacity to the blue coloured living room. The delicate match between soft decorations and crystal chandeliers spatializes the house in a rather thoughtful way. Colours and the feeling of quality deliver to Matrix Design the elegant and cosy feeling as well as the designers’ imagination power. Designers used some factors from classic European style, all matches and materials from the chandeliers to fireplaces are chosen attentively to meet the romantic theme, the atmosphere of pure romance is gently filled in every corner.


Matrix Design, The Best Contemporary Living Room Ideas

With origins in France, the House of Bourbon was a dynasty known for its class and splendor. BOURBON Round Sofa embodies this grandeur through its button-tufted inner back, rich cotton velvet, and a base in matte aged brass. MECCA II Center Table features brushed aged brass matte columns that resemble the architectural heritage from the mosques. This round coffee table will enhance any modern interior design.


Matrix Design – Huarun Fosha Yue Li Mansion Sales Center

Matrix Design, The Best Contemporary Living Room Ideas

This case takes simple modernism as the mainline, and the large-scale application of interior wall stones ensures the simplicity of space and improves the visual beauty of the interior. On the premise of pursuing concise aesthetics, the interior does not lose its delicate design and treatment. The subtle differences of simple materials and their texture emphasize concise space. Here space itself has been expressed, “implicit but not revealing” space temperament makes people feel quiet, soft and implicit. The texture of Mocha grey on the wall becomes purer under the baptism of light and shadow. In geometries with straight lines as the main part and curves interpolated from time to time, through the graceful glass wall, the interior scene is clearly presented. The alternation of these deep-feeling spaces and grey walls produces a special sense of rhythm and rhythm. Form some kind of internal response interaction, so that the interior is full of artistic taste, let a person have a comfortable, soft feeling. The open glass curtain wall of the building makes the building show a transparent bulk feeling. The enclosure of the interior glass wall makes the interior, the building and the surrounding environment harmonious and unified. Through the alternation of the four seasons of outdoor natural light, it forms a visual contrast between virtual and real and adds infinite charm to the interior space.

Matrix Design, The Best Contemporary Living Room Ideas

This curved sofa, with its back inspired in the outstanding mountain shape, is fully upholstered in cotton velvet and the base is in matte casted brass. FITZROY Sofa will add an organic element to any living room set. VALENCIA rug is hand-tufted in Botanical Silk, Inspired by a Summer trip to Valencia, Spain.


Matrix Design – Kunming Pu Reading Sales Center

Matrix Design, The Best Contemporary Living Room Ideas

In the form of architecture, the interior extends the life of architecture. Under the logic of space and appearance, the interior space contains more inner strength. Space is a geometric line, and the line in space is not only the substance that announces space but also the spirit that guides space. In the specific space, functional segmentation makes space open. Also in the expansion of continuity, seek to use the geometric form to deal with the internal relationship of space. All the body blocks, as Kandinsky said. The line is solid and free. Rotating staircase, art chandelier, from a linear structure to block expression, the line to plane switching, let space finally have a light poetic. As you think, you are always touched by the sunset light and shadow, and you are also persistent in pursuing the true feelings of light and shadow in space. The addition of other forms of beauty has also enhanced the temperament and beauty of space. All beauty, in the whole space, is the union of all arts. Each design node, under the catalysis of space materials, makes space moist and jade-like, refreshing and refreshing.


Matrix Design – Matrix Zhongshan Wanke City Villa

Matrix Design, The Best Contemporary Living Room Ideas

An elegant Chinese culture is what designers want to express. Black, white and grey are the main colours in the space, such as the Chinese ink painting present on paper. To highlight its charms and create an artistic atmosphere. In addition, each space divided by functions has its isolation but also combined with each other. For example, the tea room is an area for highlighting the tea culture. However, in addition to drinking tea, it is also a study room with multiple functions. It is not confined to the thinking, and the aesthetic is not limited to the form, on the understanding of design, follow the ancient beauty and create new beauty.

Matrix Design – Nanjing Jindi Fenghuahe Southwest Sales Center

Matrix Design, The Best Contemporary Living Room Ideas

Between the traditional and modern, find a balance between each other. Starting from the traditional vocabulary, the meaning is not broken, under the conception of the Oriental theme, to seek more modern space. Integration of space context and furniture, screen isolated by screen, making Chinese elements within the space embraced each other. In the final rendering process, the New Asian style expounded by the designer, showed the abstract expression of traditional painting and calligraphy art.


Matrix Design – Chongqing Yingli Financial Street Apartment AF

Matrix Design, The Best Contemporary Living Room Ideas

The design is based on details and the details. In the elegant tones, highlight every detail, and create a space that can be drawn. The jade stone in the living room is paired with a large wooden facade to emphasize the overall properties of the space. In a balanced and open layout, the texture of something is integrated with the veneer, a little softer and softer. And all the soft-fitting furniture and accessories, balancing the rhythm of the space, also added a few more reasons.


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