Key Highlights From Design Week 2022


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2 Product Matchmakers Between Decorative Hardware & Luxury Furniture


Product Matchmakers Between Decorative Hardware & Luxury Furniture – Today, Pullcast brings you some ideas of Products that perfectly match PullCast’s products! From Rugs to Sideboards we have plenty of great options that look fantastic with every type of Product of any Luxury Brand!


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2 Product Matchmakers Between Decorative Hardware & Luxury Furniture

The incredible Darian Sideboard of LUXXU Home draws inspiration from the power of the shield and sphere of protection, as well as the dynamic from its irregular shape. A precise knowledge of production techniques and materials, each with different specialties, from metal-work to wood carving. It features a cluster of gold plated brass asymmetrical bars envelope a wood structure in black lacquer, the resulting works are a blend of artful and stout personality. This elegant Sideboard matches perfectly with one of the most exquisite and elegant pulls of PullCast: The Nouveau Drawer Handle.


2 Product Matchmakers Between Decorative Hardware & Luxury Furniture

Immersed in modernity and fluidity, is inspired in the Art Nouveau époque. An époque full of distinction and luxury, portraited in this organic shape element full of refinement. Follow Nouveau’s approach and consider the whole, inside and out with this hand-cast polished brass handle.



The SNAKE 8 Rug by Rug’s Society is perfect the perfect addition for your upcoming autumn interior design. The snake symbolizes life force, rebirth, renewal, creation, life, sensuality, duality, light, darkness, mystery. This amazing rug is a representation and homage to the snake for having in the historical past had a very important significance in the culture and religion of antiquities. To maintain this snake/ autumn theme why not combine this rug with the incredible Dune Door Pull, an incredible Decorative Hardware Piece that also mimics these two themes.

Dune is inspired by the magnificent sand dunes located south of Lima on the Pacific coast of Peru. With his heavy curves and strong posture, dune Med Size Door Pull is the design that your project needs to create a powerful first impression.




Discover the exclusive and luxury world of PullCast and dive in our amazing and elegant list of decorative and architectural hardware products. They will help you elevate and transform your home decor or your design project into a unique experience! Follow us on FacebookPinterestTwitterInstagramLinkedin, and Youtube!

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