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New Year, New Home Décor

New Year, New Home Décor ⇒ Trends come and go, but it’s important to keep your style and identity in your home! However, small details and changes can completely transform and update your house! January encourages everybody to refresh they’re goals, mind and in that spirit, comes the instinct for a home refresh too.  With that in mind, here are some simple ideas to remodel your home for 2020.


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Fun Bathroom Details

New Year, New Home Décorget-price

A simple way to stay true to your personal style and be on top of new trends is to change up accents that will uplift a whole room. For instance, fun bathroom designs with bold colors and wall-papers are in for 2020. Also, statement hardware is a must in the new year and a great and easy wat to incorporate trends without a whole renovation!

Dark Painted Doors

New Year, New Home Décor


Painting an interior door in a rich color adds warmth and character to space. Paired with innovative decorative hardware, a dark or colorful door can be an artistic element for a room and create a great impact. Your personal style can transpire in the color and decorative hardware you choose, either it is an earth tone color or a classic blue.

Decorate the Halls

New Year, New Home Décor


Once the Christmas decorations have come down, you get a new blank canvas to apply some fresh ideas of décor. For example, where the Christmas tree was you can place a console table, and if you’re missing the Christmas lights you can sparkle the entryway with polished brass hardware and a statement mirror!

Real Plants

New Year, New Home Décor

One way to change up the aesthetic of your home is to add or replace plants. This trend is not going away in 2020, and there are infinite choices of beautiful low maintenance plants and flowers with different colors and textures! Plants and flowers adorn your home and are also a way to make your house feel alive, channeling vitality and nature into the home.

New and Colorful Fabrics

New Year, New Home Décor

The best way to refresh a living room is to play with colors. Changing up the fabrics and linens will exude a fashionable aesthetic. Also, performance fabrics are a must making every room functional for the entire family but with a luxurious living feel.

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New Home DécorNew Home Décor

New Home Décor>New Home Décor

New Home Décor

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