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How To Decorate With Jewelry Hardware? Brand New Ideas from PullCast

How To Decorate With Jewelry Hardware? Brand New Ideas from PullCast⇒  Discover how you can give a brand new decorative use to your favorite hardware pieces. Today PullCast will help you to accessorize your furniture design with the most incredible hardware. All of us know how important is the practical use of furniture and door hardware. But what if we tell you that PullCast has found a way not only to fulfill your technical needs but also to accessorize your favorite furniture with our gorgeous multifunctional hardware pieces?

Creative use of our pieces can transform your perception of design! Check out these incredible examples of furniture accessorized with PullCast hardware and get inspired for your own new creations!


Lifestyle Hardware

How to decorate?


More and often than not, decorative hardware is designed to be functional above all, since in divisions like the kitchen or the bathroom, functionality is of the essence. The decorative hardware market has undoubtedly grown into so much more and now there are a plethora of options to decorate one’s furniture and doors.

decorative hardware pullcast



Simplicity will always be a key factor when it comes to handles, knobs, and pulls, however, an emergency of more extravagant and detailed designs is undoubtedly on the horizon. From a more design approach with nature and lifestyle influences to the use of exquisite materials, textures, and patterns, the following design ideas by PullCast celebrate a diverse range of new or improved trends and ideas that are positively inspiring a change within the industry, mainly aesthetically speaking.

How to decorate with Jewelry Hardware

Door Handle Quantum

Styles like classic traditionalism, art deco, and everyone’s favorite, mid-century modern are bound to find their way into everyone’s home. Combining different design periods into a single interior is a great way to achieve a versatile look. Quantum is a series of polished brass door hardware whose design was actually inspired by the aesthetic of Atomic Age design on the atomic particles and patterns. But also this door hardware can be easily used to decor a mirror, so we present to you the exclusive Quantum mirror, a retro-reflector piece that appears to have been taken out of a bond movie, oozing charm and luxury like no other piece.

Quantum door handle


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Go for darker pieces of furniture, such as this black chest of drawers decorated with gorgeous mid-century Monocles hardware by PullCast to make this furniture gain more relevance to the decor of your living room. Add extra luxury perspective to your house decor, with Quantum mirror. This piece presents a textured character that adds a more dramatic accent and a bit of edginess to an otherwise minimalist silhouette. By virtue of such, Quantum hardware easily becomes special detail to mix and match to your mirrors, sideboards, cupboards, nightstands, or any other furniture piece you want to enrich.

Quantum door handle; Monocles cabinet handle


Cabinet Handle Natica

Shells, whether brightly striped or bland and pale, shine in their own way and are the external skeleton of the creature that lives within. Natica furniture drawer handle is a jewelry piece inspired by the unbelievable variation of sea life, one of nature’s gems. A series of luxurious cabinet hardware can easily change its purpose from simply functional to decorative. Added to mirrors, tables, sideboards can surely change the overall perspective of those and make them an attention centerpiece! Don´t be afraid to experiment and apply your own creative approach!


Natica Cabinet Handle


This small jewelry hardware can easily be part of the mirrors decoration art at your house adding a gold pattern that matches the luxury furniture you have indoors.

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Natica Cabinet Handle


Decorative hardware pieces that feature a more lifestyle and cosmopolitan character often benefit from a modern and timeless design aesthetic. For instance, the Skyline hardware family discloses a simple yet architectural structure, complemented by a glimmering brass frame that matches extremely well with dark-toned furnishings such as the Charla nightstand and dresser created by Luxxu. When paired together, these designs exude boundless elegance that blends luxury and practicality into one.

Bedroom Design

Skyline Hardware Pullcast with Luxxu Furniture
Skyline drawer handle

Give a boost of style to the ordinary furniture, with small details of gold. It will give a new life to the item or zone of your house and add a focal point to the room. In the example above, the Skyline drawer handle looks popping from the board contrasting with the dark color.   how To Decorate With Jewelry Hardware?

Dressing Room Design

How To Decorate With Jewelry Hardware? Brand New Ideas From PullCast
Waltz drawer handle

Inspired by metals and the industrial revolution, we find Waltz: a strong, safe, highly resilient piece that perfectly fulfills its function. A drawer handle of extreme simplicity, reminiscing the art deco era, always assigning value and function to every design. The following closet inspiration adds a warm and cozy style to your bedroom. There’s just something about the black and gold colors that elevate your bedroom decor, adding a new world of luxury details. Waltz is the perfect piece to accessorize your closet. Luxxu Modern Design Living knows that and created the Waltz Closet with PullCast Waltz Handle.

Home Office Design

Kesya cabinet pull

Adding multiple hardware sources with different shapes is a great way to offer more character and style to a room. The following home office inspirations highlight earth-inspired decorative hardware pieces that add a more natural flair to the overall decor. The desk found within these spaces are adorned with polished brass details of the Kesya hardware, which is inspired by the uneven texture of tree bark. Brabbu, a member of a Covet Design Group, understood the potential of these hardware pieces and created differentiated stunning furniture with our Kesya, transforming this drawer handle into a desk decoration. Impressive imagination from Brabbu, don’t you think?

how to decorate with jewelry hardware
Kerma door pulls, Kesya cabinet handles


Selecting distinctive hardware pieces that are reminiscent of a certain art movement is certainly a good way to start. The Nouveau drawer handle was inspired by the Art Nouveau period and highlights a sense of modernity and fluidity which is an exquisite complement for any type of furnishing. The polished brass drawer handle presents an organic shape with a remarkable wavy appeal

decorative hardware pullcastHow To Decorate With Jewelry Harware?


While simplicity may be the norm for most in decoration, sometimes introducing the extra little dramatic accent can certainly bring a whole level of edginess to a space, case in point, textured hardware. PullCast’s Texture collection is a great example of how this type of design can completely shift the decor of a home, after all, the beauty lies in the details! The Monocles hardware family also comes into conversation when talking about textures as its knurling form and mid-century vibe certainly stand out!

Texture Collection by PullCast
Texture Collection by PullCast


Handles and pulls that possess details in crystals and gemstones are bound to give a sense of rarity and legacy decor-wise. The shiny and strong finishes implemented into a decorative hardware piece, from Swarovski to Cubic Zirconia, not only grants it more visual appeal but also a more detailed essence. Take, for example, handles like Euphorbia, Turkesa, Feu, and Caviar, all of which belong to PullCast’s Limited Edition collection, assuredly steal the show courtesy of their glowing properties and the exquisite nature of said materials.

Feu Cabinet Handle


Your idea, our design

At PullCast Jewelry Hardware, we offer a bespoke service, if you can dream it we can design it!

Our team of designers and master craftsmen work with a combination of techniques, materials and finishes to deliver pieces that perfectly complement your Hotel, Restaurant, Retail or Interior Design Project. It’s your concept, our masterpiece. Be the Owner of your unique Jewelry Hardware.

Bespoke Service PullCast jewelry Hardware

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