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Hardware Summer Edition – Home Decor Details

Hardware Summer Edition – Home Decor Details ⇒ The summer will be distinguished by sustainability, natural materials and above all by home decor details. We decided to write this article covering hardware summer edition.




We cannot forget about the gorgeous pretty colors to embrace as well, but when it comes to redecorating your house, you need to choose carefully long-lasting products. Take a look at some key trends for your house in 2019.






If you are a minimalist fan and you are looking for the longevity of your decoration, maybe you should adopt and mix mid-century ingredients into your decor, using fewer colors and adding pendants lights to increase the interest of your furnishings.


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Hardware Summer Edition - Home Details


Bates Green and Yellow Pendant by Habitat are the perfect addition for any mid-century decoration.


You can also be bolder and add Briolette Small Pendant in Soft Pink and Nickel by Gabriel Scott, they have a soft design but a great spirit for the decor.



You can also add soft shapes into the mid-century furniture to bring uniqueness into the decor, Macaron is a charming drawer handle that will certainly be a perfect addition to sideboards, cupboards, enabling the arrangement of a sculptural scheme for your modern and furniture designs.

Hardware Summer Edition - Home Details

The Macaron handle isn’t the only alternative for the mid-century decor, if you’re looking for a twisted home decor we also suggest Caviar furniture drawer handle, for those ones that wish something different than usual. Caviar drawer handle portraits mysticism, exuberance, and luxury in your cabinet hardware choices.

The main doors are increasingly a matter of interest when it comes to decorating a house, for this, we have a selection of door hardware inspired by nature with very wonderful stories behind them.

The history of Strelitzia Door Pull took inspiration when PullCast’s Head Designer and CEO João Barros, was reunited with their team and looked through the window of the office and saw a magnificent and powerful flower in the garden. Considered the flower queen for centuries, Strelitzia is a typical South Africa plant but also can be found in the Madeira Island, Portugal. She represents faithfulness, love, and thoughtfulness and is the perfect hardware piece to create a romantic impact.

Hardware Summer Edition - Home DetailsThe history behind the creation of Dune Door Pull took inspiration on a vacation by one of the PullCast’s team member to Peru. The magnificence of sand dunes located in South of Lima, on the Pacific Coast of Peru was the major inspiration for this stunning mid-size door pull when he shared a photograph with the head designer and CEO of PullCast, João Barros. Intrigued by the curves and shapes of the dunes, he decided to prototype the Dune Door Pull! The final result, an impressive and sophisticated mid-size door pull, full of personality in its curves and made by premium material as Aluminum.


Hardware Summer Edition - Home Details


In the place, we selected the Flow door pull. Possessing a natural and invigorating way of movement, Flow big size door pull presents an organic shape decoding sophistication and personality. The perfect addition to door designs, enhancing any ambiance with its strong character.


We didn’t finish yet, we still have other handles that possibly fit into any piece of furniture you have in your house. Nowadays it is no longer necessary to change furniture whenever space is renewed, at the moment we can get a new ambiance by adding new key elements that will give a new life to your pieces. We suggest the following two hardware pieces.

Looking for a fresh look for your furniture?
Codium drawer handle is delicate and authentic, a fetching detail to any drawer, cupboard or wardrobe, for cabinet hardware.


Still, in love with some furniture of yours and need the special element that will make the piece unique and eternal? We suggest Octo drawer handle! Along the ocean floor, round forms with eight long arms float. We have extended octopus features in our Octo drawer handle, an understated elegance bringing instant character to your furniture designs, through cabinet hardware.


Hardware Summer Edition - Home Details


We cannot finish this article without talking about the inside doors, they deserve as well a unique touch and a special treatment. For these ones, we also have the ultimate idea of how you can make them beauty and unforgettable.

The Liberty door lever was inspired by the elegant and imponent shapes and curves of One Liberty Place. This skyscraper fulfills the skyline of Philadelphia and is one of the tallest buildings of the North American city. This door lever is made in polished brass and it’s also available in aged and brushed brass, promising to bring a unique glamour and elegance to doors.

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And finally, we have the Karat doorknob. The world of diamonds was the key factor that led us to our furniture drawer handle Karat. Is extravagant in its modern form and draws down the same state of purity and uniqueness a cut diamond does. Inspired in the fineness of precious metal, with Karat series of cabinet hardware, you can uniquely articulate with diverse design aesthetics and create a sculpture scheme.

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Discover the exclusive and luxury world of PullCast and dive in our amazing and elegant list of decorative and architectural hardware products. They will help you elevate and transform your home decor or your design project into a unique experience! Follow us on FacebookPinterestTwitterInstagramLinkedin, and Youtube!

Hardware Summer Edition – Home Decor

Hardware Summer Edition – Home Decor Details

Hardware Summer Edition – Home Decor Details

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