Explore the New and Sublime Leaf Pull by PullCast!

Explore the New and Sublime Leaf Pull by PullCast! – It’s shaped like a Leaf and it’s Amazing and Elegant! We’re talking about the new Leaf Pull by Pullcast! If you want to stay close to Nature, then you must take a look at it!


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Explore the New and Sublime Leaf Pull by PullCast!Inspired by the classic characteristics of trees and its leaves, the Leaf Family of cabinet and door pulls amplify any furniture design and ambiance they are in. Coming in perfect sizes, shape, textures and earthy tone of colours, Leaf enhances elegantly any cabinet or door design.

This amazing Collection that comprises, as we’ve told you, both cabinet and door pulls provides an exquisite style to any home decor! You can apply the Leaf Cabinet Pull to any furniture piece and give it an earthy and trendy revamp. For a more bold application, you can apply a large Leaf Door Pull to any door and give it a stunning and unique vibe!

Explore the New and Sublime Leaf Pull by PullCast!The Leaf Family embodies PullCast’s love for Earth Elements and Mother Nature. These pulls fully represent the passion and the values of inspiration of this jewelry hardware brand that values their surroundings. These pieces are the perfect match between the absolute value of luxury craftsmanship and a powerful source of inspiration.



PullCast and Many Other Luxury Brands Will be at ISaloni Moscow 2018Discover the exclusive and luxury world of PullCast and dive in our amazing and elegant list of decorative and architectural hardware products. They will help you elevate and transform your home decor or your design project into a unique experience! Follow us on FacebookPinterestTwitterInstagramLinkedin, and Youtube!

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