Design MEETings with Cocolea Furniture

Design MEETings with Cocolea Furniture- With a very own style, irreverent and out of the box, Cocolea Furniture is a company that emerged from the couple Cristian and Dorina. They had a passion and a dream to create beautiful, opulent, and bespoke furniture and art. And by talking to Dorina, we realize that in achieving this dream they also encourage their clients to be themselves and not be afraid to show who they are through their homes.


Meet the designers behind the Cocolea Furniture

Always show who you are… even through your home!

 There are tastes for everything, and we don’t all like the same. There’s nothing wrong with that, in fact, it’s a good thing! It would be so boring if we were all the same and all liked the same thing, don’t you think?



It’s not by coincidence that Cocolea has become one of the most successful luxury furniture companies in Australia. They can perfectly understand the kind of pieces and brands customers are looking for, and they make what doesn’t exist into reality by working with some of the best luxury furniture brands. The key is to have the sensibility and ability to understand the kind of color, texture, and finish the person wants and that inspires them.


cocolea furniture ambiance


Besides that, Dorina tells us that people are increasingly concerned about connecting with their homes, about having the homes they want for themselves to feel comfortable and cozy. There is no longer that concern just about who they are going to welcome home, about having the perfect room for guests. Especially in the living room and kitchen. Dorina thinks that people are increasingly valuing these two rooms in one common area. This makes daily life easier on a functional level but also helps with the connection issue. Connection with those who share the house, and connection with the house itself.

This connection also exists a lot with nature. The increasing need people have to include elements in their homes that make them feel connected to nature.  Our daily lives are so stressful that we want at the end of the day to return to the calm, to places where we can recharge ourselves as well as rest.

And if we can rest in a place that has our personality in every corner, isn’t that much more exciting? Dorina tells us that she doesn’t like “boring” styles and that doesn’t identify the person’s personality. She gives us the example of the Scandinavian style, where she thinks it will always be a safe choice but will not, in her opinion, be the most inspiring one.


inovative cocolea furniture

Cocolea likes to break the system! It encourages clients and people to take risks in their interior designs and to show who they are, without fear, through their homes. Through colors, textures… This is how they like to work and advise.


“Bring you happiness and beauty in your room,” she adds! We totally agree with you, Dorina! And so we emphasize once again: Always show who you are… even through your home! (This deserved a movement!)


If there is a time when we want to feel more identified and comfortable in our homes, it is undoubtedly the current pandemic situation, where we have started to make our home our rest, but also our place of work and school.

This has made, according to Dorina, people care more about the kind of furniture they have at home. That they look around and are interested in making the room beautiful, but also in understanding how the piece is made, with what material, and that it has a long life.

Through Cocoela, you can find all this! Also because Cristian and Dorina work with several brands that Meetsales represents, such as Boca Do LoboBrabbuKoketLuxxuCircu… And if there’s one thing they love, it’s the distinction and character the pieces have.

Covet HouseBoca do LoboBrabbuLuxxuEssential HomeDelightfullCaffe LatteCovet LightingRug SocietyMaison ValentinaCircuPullcast

We already mentioned that they are outside the box and want to break standards, right? Dorina confirms once again this style and way of working and says that Cocolea’s goal is not to sell massively. They want something very unique and peculiar and to make people’s dreams come true.

There are people who want the same style of interior design as their neighbors or their relatives. But fortunately, there are also those who don’t care what others have or think but want to make something of their own with character. These are the people who inspire Cocolea and keep them doing what they love the most!

Interior Design by Cocolea Furniture


Of our brands that Cocolea works with, Dorina confesses that her favorite is Boca do Lobo. Precisely for the character and attitude that the brand reveals in the design of the pieces. And we took the opportunity to ask what would be the two key pieces Dorina would advise for those who want to invest in quality pieces. Of course, Dorina chose pieces from our brands, not wanting to be presumptuous.

The Charla Dining chair by Luxxu, which can be super versatile and be placed not only in a dining room. For Dorina it is a sophisticated and comfortable piece and has the great advantage that it can be customized with various options of colors, and materials.

And the second piece is, of course, from Boca do Lobo, the Eden center table. Also very versatile, it can be placed as a center table, but also as a side table and brings us that connection with nature that we mentioned before.




In Dorina’s words “It’s a great representation of luxury but a whole thing connected with nature and color and texture”.


With all the personality and difference that represents the Cocolea company, they will not stop surprising. When asked what the next step for the company is, Dorina told us about an absolutely amazing project that will allow a unique experience. They want to do a luxury accommodation building where they offer the best of both worlds for interior design enthusiasts: they can settle in, enjoy, have fun, and appreciate the place surrounded by beautiful pieces of luxury furniture that Cocolea represents.

An experience much more complete and beyond than going to a store to see the furniture. In this case, you can live with the furniture and use it. It’s a kind of test drive of interior design, isn’t it an amazing idea? We are hoping for the success of this project and all the ones that include Cocolea!

Watch the full Design meeting down below. 


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