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Decorative Hardware Agenda – What’s in PullCast Bag for Milan?


Decorative Hardware Agenda – What’s in PullCast Bag for Milan? – The amazing Salone del Mobile.Milano starts next week! PullCast will be there at Hall 5 stand E08-E12-D07-D21. This top brand is preparing a strong showcase of Decorative Hardware Pieces.


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After creating a powerful and exquisite buzz at Maison et Objet, PullCast will present at Salone del Mobile another strong hardware showing that includes some of the best sellers of this amazing brand. Those top sellers include the Kesya Pulls from the Earth Collection or the Skyline Pulls of the Cosmopolitan Collection that can be fitted in any room division and can be applied in any decor or piece!


Decorative Hardware Agenda - What's in PullCast Bag for Milan?


Besides the Top Sellers, PullCast will also present some stunning new pieces! One of the highlights of the past Maison et Objet was the Baruka Pulls. These pieces will be showcased at iSaloni once more. These pulls represent the strong connection of PullCast’s Craftsmanship with the Japanese Culture and are a strong example of PullCasts’s bet on elegance and luxury!


Decorative Hardware Agenda - What's in PullCast Bag for Milan?


The new Jalo Pulls will also be featured in Milano, as well as a new range of strong new Hardware Pieces that will complete the existant collections of PullCast. There will also be space for the presentation of some PullCast classics that were revamped special for this event! The exquisite Octo Pull will join variations of some of the best and most innovative pulls of PullCast that will be on display during the event!


PullCast is Shinning Brightly at Equip Hotel Paris 2018


You’ll also find some PullCast products at other brand’s stands. For instance, at DelightFull and Essential Home’s stands, you’ll be able to find some example of the Twist Collection pulls. These pulls were created in partnership with these two luxury giants and will be present in Milan to turn some heads of all those mid-century lovers out there.


The Highlights of PullCast at AD Design Show 2019


Pullcast is also preparing a surprise for Milan! We cannot share any details for now, but if you are a fan of Italian Craftsmanship and Leonardo DaVinci, then you’ll love our surprise! This surprise follows the 500th Anniversary of Leonardo DaVinci’s theme that’s been promoted by this year’s Milan Design Week and Salone del Mobile! To celebrate DaVinci’s life and career, Pullcast will present a unique and spectacular tribute to the Italian Master and his Career that will surprise everyone. Just stay tuned to our coverage of Salone del Mobile for that desired first look of this surprise!


Introducing The Talented Craftsmen Behind the Bold Pieces of PullCast


We couldn’t end without another surprise announcement. Following the success of Maison et Objet, Pullcast will also present at Salone del Mobile live showcases of Craftsmanship! That’s right! In partnership with the Covet Foundation, PullCast will feature some live craftsmanship presentations, were a PullCasrt Artisan will create some stunning pulls in front of any brand client and stand visitor! You’ll be able to see how the stunning Pulls of Pullcast are created and what makes these pieces so unique and special!



Decorative Hardware Agenda - What's in PullCast Bag for Milan?


Are you anxious for Salone del Mobile? Tell us all about your trip and please book a meeting with us if you are interested in some of the products of PullCast!




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