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Bet you already super excited about this Summer and good news: it’s just around the conner and today PullCast is here to show an amazing moodboard that we called Calm Costal Coral – Beach House. We are going to show you two parts of the moodboard with stunning pieces and projects that will blow you off completely! Get inspired for this summer with us!


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Calm Costal Coral – Beach House Art


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Is there anyone who doesn’t love summer? The sea, the sand, the hot breeze, and the good vibes.. and what about bringing all these good vibes into our home? This is possible with these amazing projects and sea-inspired pieces!

First things first, let’s talk about the impressive Eden Vessel Sink from Maison Valentina and probably that isn’t even words to describe it! So luxurious and majestic that will elevate the design from any bathroom. The shape given to this sink creates a cosmopolitan luxury environment.


beach house Calm Costal Coral – Beach House CODIUM

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The ocean is wide and wavering, he keeps unique and beautiful secrets and what do you think of this exclusive piece? Codium Drawer Handle has an delicate and authentic design that will transform your designs into master pieces.

Now let’s get to the second moodboard.. this one will really blow you off, we promise to show some amazing projects, as well as stunning pieces which one of them was already the product of the week!

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Are you anxious to read all about this stunning projects that got you in that “I WANT THAT” feeling?

Let’s talk about the Bathroom Project from Brabbu & Maison Valentina, luxurious but super relaxed at the same time! All the whites and golds bring us a sense of luxury but, the green and orange tones from the paiting break the spirit along with the sofas that kinda gives a summery sense. In the past few years metals have been having a strong come back in interior design and finding the perfect balance between them is difficult but in project above it really works.

Now let’s talk about the Maison Valentina bathroom project that is just mind blowing! All in golds and with a big open space and window, just “wow”. In this project was used the same washbasin of the previous project but in this one we have the matching bathtub and the incrideble mirrors, with elegance that stands out with gold as its major colour and adapts to any environment adding a luxury and contemporaneous touch. All of this products was inspired in the japonese culture.


beach house Calm Costal Coral – Beach House SONORAN

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Sonoran door handle was the product of the week last week. This amazing piece celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of the world most known desert, providing high character and magnificence, uplifting your cuboards, sideboards, cabinet furniture designs.



beach house Calm Costal Coral – Beach House LINCKIA

beach house Calm Costal Coral – Beach House WhatsApp Image 2019 01 21 at 18

As we all know, al leats teorically, the sea is a place where wondrous, fascinating creatures of magnificent and fascinating design roam, assuring beauty. And this impressive piece was inspired in the vastness of starfishes, Linckia is a range of graceful furniture drawer handles entitled to create a sculptural scheme in your furniture designs.

Use our pieces and inspirations to create amazing designs and make a simple house a home!


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